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Crushing soda cans is fun. However, I have discovered that it is always best to make sure that the can is fully empty before attempting to crush the can. I found out the hard way that if there is any liquid contents in the can they will spray up into your face when you crush it. Yuck.

Or if it doesn’t spray, and it sticks to your tire, it pours the contents all down your wheel and frame. Sticky yuck!

My friends and i were all riding a trials course a while back. We were drinking some orage pop. One of my friends put his down, and just left it. We got the idea to crush cans, we crushed some empty ones, then saw the one on the floor. hopped on it, and BOOM SHWOOSH! orange pop all over the place. it was pretty funny.


One time I went trials riding with a guy name Ryan. He didn’t take the juice box out of his pants, and it looked like he whizzed in his pants.

those cans are worth .5 cents a piece here in Oregon,not crushed though.

Can motor

One night Jerry Gruss and I were riding at midnight when we came across a group of good ‘ol boys drinking beer in the parking lot of their shop. They were amazed at the whole unicycling thing and we talked to them for quite a while. Jerry was doing tricks and riding around in circles while we talked and decided to run over a can lying on the ground. It crimped around his knobby tire and then lodged against the frame. He continued to ride and it made a perfect engine sound! He rode around, revving up to top speed , slowing down, revving up again… The drunks went nuts. I have never seen anyone laugh so hard, myself included.