Some new and old clips and fun stuff to do...

I had a little play on my unicycle for the first time in about a week. I’d been stressing and working hard all week trying to get an architecture folio finished but that’s all done now so I had some time to play. Unfortunatelyo ne of my 5m long 35x70mm planks snapped today but I still had plenty to do.

I did some 35mm wide plank wheel walking (the plank was only about 3m long though), attempted riding it forwards then backwards but sprained my annoyingly weak ankle, and did some gapping bar gaps to a rail ride.

That, plus some slightly older stuff is in this movie -


You make it look so easy.

Please don’t think that…I didn’t include the many many minutes of boring failed attempts. :slight_smile:

Maybe you should

I didn’t think people would want to download 100MB videos :slight_smile:


Nice video, I really liked the music. That wheel hopping was the first I’ve seen lke that.

Keep it up!

All the moves in this video are smooth.
Hopping across those two things and then riding that skinnie is “Holm-esque” but wheel walking that skinnie is just unreal!

Andrew you’ve outdone yourself mate, good to see that you’re goin big on your jumps & drops too!! Dude you gotta come over to NZ sometime and indulge in some hard out trials/muni filming.


That was really good. You get the privaledge of being one of the videos I show people when I’m showing people what unis can do.

That riding was awesome I like the big dirt drop, good music too.

Great, andrew!

The drop is really wicked, and the wheel walking on the rail is awesome, too. You are anyway doing good job at railing.

The gapping-hopping-on-wheel is freaky g.


Thanks a lot guys, that’s very kind of you. As I said before though, please don’t think that I stick the more technical stuff first time. I’m glad people liked the music. It was part of ‘Freezerville’ by Directions in Groove (my favourite band). It’s probably pretty difficult to find for download though. Well you’re elcome to get it from me on MSN if you want ( :slight_smile:

I’d just like to point out that although I did cleanly hop on the wheel once over the gapping bars I didn’t get it on film so the end of that clip that is cut out shows me not making it.

That spot where I was attempting the drop is prefect! As you can see in the video it’s a really soft landing and slightly sloped. Next time I go there I think I’ll try the 8’er to the riders left. I’m hoping land it properly this time though.

The other thing is that 6’ drop over the two ‘levels’ or whatever they are I think shows the technique I’ve been working on lately for dropping to flat seat in (the whole pivot at hips, upper body and wheel forwards, instant roll out for half a rev, extent body before impact, chop forwards with arm when gapping thing - see for details). I think the clip before it where my foot slips off shows how little pressure is put on the pedal which is originally back when using this technique. It can also obviously be a downfall of the technique if done incorrectly like I did. :slight_smile:

I am actually hoping to possibly visit NZ at the end of the year. I’ll have 3 months break from uni so will have plenty of time to save up the cash. Do you happen to live near Tony M? I’ll have to visit him at some stage and go riding at Woodhill Forest.

Thanks again guys. :slight_smile:


Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!!!

I’m soooo happy…I just spent about 30 minutes trying the one thing over and over and it payed off. I just got the best thing I’ve ever done on a rail and maybe on a unicycle on film. :smiley: I’m going out again in about 10 minutes for a go at my next goal…I’ll be back in about an hour with another little movie.

Hooray! Don’t you just love that feeling when you accomplish something that you’ve been trying really hard to do for a long time?


Another great application of the gapping bars…

…it’s at the end of this video -

I also tried using a rolling hop to get onto something high (for my skill level) for the first time today. It felt good, and I’m going to work on my rolling hops. I think I may end up hopping higher with a rolling hop. Not sure though, we’ll see.

Just a bit about the last line that I was so happy about…
I was unable to do it without holding onto a tree at the start, but I let go before moving and starting the line. I used my gapping bars which worked really well and stayed in place solidly…another good application. The plank was lying with the 35mm side up but I think I used the supports on the corners to my advantage a bit.

I had a really fun trials session this morning. Isn’t it great that we’ve got a sport here that’s really really fun even when you’re trying something you’ve been unable to do for a long time. I love unicycling!


Pete lives near me- Wellington, the MUni capital of NZ :stuck_out_tongue:

Come visit in October- we’ll be organising the NZ Unicycle Weekend then, and also a couple of weeks later we’ll get a couple of teams together for 100mile Lake Taupo ride. Also there is the 12hr Day/Night thriller also in Taupo in early October. But yeah, whatever you do make sure you head down to to Wellington! If you need a place to stay we’ve got a spare room.



Thanks for the generous offer Ken.

This is for Bevan…(the last part of the video)

Boy oh boy what can I say that hasn’t already been said? Your riding is really nice and controlled, I was impressed by your first video but equally by your second. Well done.

Thanks a lot Zac.

For those interested, the music in the second video is ‘Hip Replacement’ by the same band (Directions in Groove).


curse you and all your skill… :smiley: