Some new additions to

Generally we’ve been posting news of updates to the site on the ‘Home’ page and leaving it at that but I thought I’d mention that Peter’s added quite a few bits and pieces:

  • The last of the resized Kris Holm tutorials
  • Several links
  • Another muni video from Kris Holm
  • Maintenance tip
  • More obstacle building, this time for trials beginners (Klaas’ site)

Any more requests for the site?


I just wanna see more advanced stuff. But anything more is great.

Yeah please anybody if you have anything at all you think would be helpful send it to one of us and we’ll put it on with full credit to you. Or if there is anything particular you want to see on the site let us know and we’ll see what we can do. The more stuff we get the better it will be for everyone! So keep sending and requesitng stuff!

Peter has just added a video tutorial on natural trials to the trials section of . It’s about 2.3MB and 60sec long.

Also, we’ll soon get the bigger version of the frame by frame view of the 7 pallette hop in U2. For now you can see a small version in the recent thread on rolling hop heights.


Along with quite a bit of other stuff - Check it out :smiley:

Also soon there’ll be a tip on how to mount skinnies - and quite a bit of other stuff :smiley:

Hey, on those Kris Holm muni videos you got, are those squeaking sounds from a brake? I was just curious.

I also love the fact that Kris starts talking about andrew’s website and tutorial videos on the pecking video. That’s pretty awesome.

A while ago I requested more on hopping technique, when I could only hop 3 times and I’d end up rolling out and falling off.

I’ve gotten over it, but maybe others haven’t.

I remember going out and filming some close-ups of hopping after recieving that email of yours. I assumed I’d made and posted a video tutorial but I guess I didn’t. I’m looking into it now.


Right just to let you know -
I have now added the frame by frame image analysis of Dan Heaton’s huge rolling hop onto 7 pallets from UNiVERsE 2.
AND I added a tip on how to mount skinnies written by Andrew.

This means in the past week there have been HEAPS of new additions, just go to the home page and check the “whats new” section to see for yourself. So if you haven’t for a while now might be a good time to go and check all the new stuff on - I hope this keeps those of you who dont’ feel the site is updated enough happy :smiley:

oh and as always if you have any tips, comments, requests etc etc you know what to do (email us)


Again time for more merry upgrades:
I have just added a few answers about questions on various muni techniques written my Kris Holm to the muni page.
So go and have look.

Yeah these ones are very useful and helpful tips if you’re looking to improve your muni technique. I’m now saving up for 165mm Profiles for my muni (instead of my 145mm Profiles). :slight_smile:


Might aswell just get a hub aswell and give the 145’s to your trials uni considering all you’ll do is bend the KH cranks again.

We’re not all made of money! What I’m going to do instead is improve my dropping to flat technique so I don’t bend my trials uni.


Neither am I. What I mean is save up, then buy them. Buying KH and bending them will only cost you more in the long run, and then you still won’t have Profiles. Save up, get them.

To quote myself…

To quote myself…

Better technique won’t fix all your problems. Better equipment is part of it aswell, it’s a combination.

An interesting email…

"Hello Carter Andrew,

I’d like to know if we can use your video tutorials on our online platform. We operate a platform where people can learn anything on video, and we are gathering our first set of videos. Please let me know if you can provide us with such tutorial videos, we are willing to pay for them . Thanks.

Chris Bitoye,
Oceanic Image Studios, New York."

…very interesting.


Oh wow! Interesting indeed…

What ever happend to translating the obsticals page to the us standerd messurment. A wile back you said you would when school got out???

Yeah, I know I said I’d do it and I’m sorry I haven’t but I decided that metric makes more sense and you’re going to have to learn it one day. :wink:

If you come across any problems converting the dimensions, go here -

I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s all that much extra effort for people to make the conversions themselves (I’ve been doing it for a long time now on this imperialised (?) site), but to change them on our site it would mean changing all those documents then I guess Peter would have to do something on the internet side of things to update the site.