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I’ve just done another image analysis of gapping seat in. This one focuses on what’s happening with the feet and wheel when using this technique. I’ll do a little video tutorial on it too. I will also finally do the video tutorial on hill climbing and descending in muni that somebody has requested (sorry for the delay), and finish resizing the Krish Holm trials workshop videos. These and quite a few more bits and pieces including some great videos and tips from Kris Holm will be added to on thursday.

Here’s the image (resized for this thread), you can see the full size version in ‘album123’ in the gallery (

While I’m in the mood, are there any other requests?


This isn’t really a request for a specific trick or technique, but I’d really like to hear audio commentaries on the vids, I think that would be great!

Some tutorials for crazy mounts would be good too! I’m not sure if foot position/movement is covered already or if it’s necessary to cover for different types of hopping, but that would be cool too!

Keep up the good work- it’s a great site and a real asset to the uni community! :slight_smile:

Yeah audio commentary, I’m too lazy to read. Anyway nice work with that one… I promise I’ll do mine soon :wink:

You can easily add a sitepal (speaking character) to any website. It can convert text (from your database) to speech. But whois going to pay the costs ?

Cheers Andrew, for doing the hill requests (it was me by the way). Since then I have been doing lots of uphill (off/on road) and downhill practice. While my technique is improving the biggest factor for me has been building up my leg strength. Looking forward to seeing how it should be done :smiley:

Freestyle vids

I might experiement with audio commentary, but it looks like it would be pretty difficult to do and to time correctly.

I’ve found the tape that the few clips are on. I’m really not sure how much I can say about hill climbing/descending though…I’ll try anyway. Don’t expect anything too thrilling. :slight_smile: Since you’ve been practising since then, do you have any specific questions or things you want commented on?

I’m not sure if foot position/movement is covered already or if it’s necessary to cover for different types of hopping, but that would be cool too!

  • Most people seems to prefer having the balls of their feet on the pedals for all types of riding, but I just don’t feel comfortable that way. I think what I mentioned in that image analysis on gapping seat in is reasonably important if you hop the same way I do.

Freestyle vids

  • Well okay, but they won’t be of any benefit to you. You’re already a much better freestyle rider than me and I’m the only person making videos for the site unfortunately.


Try and get some footage of other riders demonstrating skills???
I’m sure others would be willing to help. You could just like get a brief clip of them doing a skill and then maybe use advice from the written tips to present a few vital tips, just like in the other videos.

I’m not always thinking of myself :open_mouth:

I’m sure they would be beneficial to others though.

great analysis of seat in hopping andrew. good work! I was practising gapping on this line i found that incorporates about 13 small concrete drain blocks (roughly 1x1x1 foot cubes of concrete). the gaps arent that big and quite easy and in theory the whole line requires only a basic trials skilll level, but i discovered 2 things while practising.

a) its really knackering doing gap after gap after gap.

b) my landing technique for seat in gaps needs some work.

is there any tips you can give on landing? after getting used to being tired after the fifth block and landing on not completely flat surfaces (the tops were sloped slightly) i noticed that on some of the bigger/more challenging gaps,
i was carrying an insane amount of lateral momentum, im finding it really hard to keep on the uni without using steadying hops that usually involve me having to vacate the obstabcle, its fine when on my palletes at home because i have bags of room and can be as sloppy as i like, but when there not much space to manouvre its a different story. advice on this would be great, if you can make head or tail of this post, hope it makes sense,


Andrew, As far as specifics are concerned i’m not really sure as i’m fairly happy with climbing / desending at the moment now after practicing more. My current style for uphill can be seen here , shame I fell off at the end. Although not a steep incline it is the method I use now for going uphills. I found that on steep hills I could co quite slowly but would always grap the seat, learning forward and make sure my legs were always moving.


I have just resized two more of the Kris Holm workshop videos (seat in front hopping and pedal grabs) and uploaded them to ‘album123’.

I will do the remaining two soon too.

How do you do your gaps? If the problem is that you’re landing facing the object and are having trouble stopping then maybe you could experiement with landing with the pedals backwards a little further and with your legs and wheel stretched out further towards the object. Maybe that way instead of continuing forward and having to hop to correct your balance you will land with your legs in a more powerful position and have your body swing upright as the wheel stays stationary. I don’t know, I haven’t given landing much thought at all. If you’re landing sideways (ie, not in the direction of the gap) maybe the problem is that you’re not absorbing the shock smoothly enough and end up being sprung off the landing surface. I don’t know, I’m not the best person to ask of course.

Judging by that video I don’t think you really need any help with your hill climbing, nice work. :slight_smile: The only advice I can think of to offer which I will include in a video (I’ll all cover the really basic stuff) is what I mentioned in another thread. To quote myself…

“I think that irregular pedalling is perfectly fine and can’t be avoided when doing steep climbs. In my opinion (I just thought of this then so I haven’t gone into any detail) you just have to make sure that your body and the uni as a whole is constantly moving forwards and up the hill. I think it’s okay to pedal in half-rev bursts as long as your body is always moving forwards. I have some video clips I’m going to throw together for this little tutorial that will hopefully show more clearly what I’m talking about. They’re not up very steep hills though, unfortunately.”

I’ll have that video done soon.


Maybe I’ll get Nick to make a video for your site andrew :stuck_out_tongue: He could make a… I dunno. I’ll find something for him.

thanks for the tips, even tho you “may not be the best person to ask” id say your a good enough rider to satisfy my queries, but also i thought id bring it to your attention just incase anybody else was having the same problems and itmight be worth puttting some pointers on the tutorials site. tis all

as for my jumps i do land them all forwards usually so ill have to have a go at what u suggested and see if it helps, should do.


More additions…

I just did a tutorial on hill climbing to go in the muni section (and maybe the basic riding as well). The low res version is about 2.5MB, the high res is about 11MB (sorry), and they’re both a minute long.

They’re at -

Sorry I took so long Norry.


You sir have nothing to apologise for :slight_smile:

This newsgroup and the website only have helped and inspired me no end.

I thankyou but my girlfirend propably won’t :wink:

Hey Andrew,
I’m just trying to have a look at the Kris Holm Tutorials on and the links for the first 2 videoes are all good ( but the other 4 seem to be on a really really slow server. Is there any chance of havin those 4 available from somewhere faster (


So you want both the small and original versions available through ‘album123’ in the gallery? If so, that can be done…give me a little while though because our internet is running a bit slow lately. At the moment the first two are the ones I resized and the last four are the original ones at . Just in case people didn’t realise that.

The ones on pedal grabbing and seat in front hopping are now in ‘album123’ in the gallery towards the end somewhere if you want to have a look at them before they’re up on


There are many freestyle videos on Leo Vandewoestijne’s site: Includes many high level freestyle tricks. I especially like the thumb wheel walk.


“What’s New” section added…

We had a request for a “What’s New” section of our site and Peter and I have decided on putting text on the “Home” page of . So have a look now at What’s New if you’re interested.

Each time Peter adds something to the site he’ll make a note on that page.

Upcoming Updates

  • The two remaining resized Kris Holm tutorial videos
  • More links
  • Some more muni technique video tutorials
  • How to make grind plates (done by Robbie with photos and text)
  • More maintenance tips hopefully.


Well done andrew, that sites really coming along nicely now. It’s building up quite alot of useful info.