some more v ideo clips from Korea

You can see Korean members more video clips at

cool clips
keep them coming

video from Korea

Kamsa hanida!

You all make those moves look easy!

I especially liked the running mount!

video from Korea

You guys ROCK!

That static kneeling kickup mount… !!!

Yes, everybody. I’m home sick with the flu… so, I’m posting posting posting…

These are GREAT clips!!!

I found the “mounts” folder especially helpful as demos of several mounts I’d read about but couldn’t quite understand, such as the side mount and reverse side mount. Also, whatever you call that first mount where he pulls the seatpost up with his toe is wonderful! The running mounts vids really helped me to learn that - I got it in about 10 minutes this afternoon.

I’d suggest the various clubs download these vids as a learning tool for their members.

Also, for those who were discussing how to ride seat-on-stomach not too long ago, there’s a clip of that. As well as a very nice wheel walk demo.

Good stuff – thanks!


Cool. I like that rocky mountain slope, looks fun to ride.


I’ll echo this; the catagory folders have some comprehensive stuff… very nice.

Tommy, check out number 25 or 45 under iddling or jumping… showes a nice transition from spin to piroette. Lots of great mounts. Must see stuff…

I love how the locals walk past like the cyclists are pigeons!

Send more :slight_smile: !!


Thank you for posting those clips, and welcome to the international unicycling community!

I don’t know how useful it would be for Korean readers, but if you label those clips with more of a description of what is on each, your site could become a reference for people who are looking for images of how to do things. Many unicyclists are on their own, and can’t see what these moves look like.