Some more Bristol Street :P

Well i went down town today to just get a new innertube but thought id film some stuff and here it is.


was that u doing the flips at the end? that was cool. you can do some insanely high jumps seat in. good job


Well I have to admit. I only watched the vid cause of that flip comment, thinking they were crankflips. Well I was wrong, but I was still impressed. Ha. that was rad.

-Shaun Johanneson

hehe thanks, nope might learn them when I get new uni but theres not alot i can do with that peice of junk!

what kind of uni is it?

I think he is being sarcastic…

well how am i supposed to know that?:stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :sunglasses:

i dont think he is being sarcastic but you never kno!

No i really am not being sarcastic, its like a 4 year old onza and its bad! im sure they made alterations and stuff to the newer ones lol

Nice, some of those hops were huge. Are you doing flips in a church?

yeh im going to have to measure them sometime.

yup its a renovated church with a big trapeze rig set up

Sweet video man! I loved the hops, they were higher than I thought you could go.


yea those hops were really sweet.


Thanks for the support :stuck_out_tongue: I will be able to jump higher with new uni hopefully :stuck_out_tongue:

Well im making Unirogue 3 then ill think about quitting.