Some more "advanced" trials help?

1Ok can anyone give me any tips on tucking up while doing seat out.I am hoping at about 55 cm but i could do it much higher if i tucked up more but when i try i don’t.So does any one have any tips?
2 I can get over things from a pedal grab but i always land a bit funny and fall off can anyone give any pointers?.

For hopping seat out, concentrate on bending your knees. Just doing that helped me a lot. Also, don’t forget to compress. Snap the tire, then instantly bend your knees and pull the seat up.

1practice while increasing height gradually (<1 inch higher each hop, and only when you have gotten previous height a few times in a row).

2do you mean you pedal grab over something and onto the ground, or onto something? if the latter, just practice on something really low to the ground over and over. make sure there is lots of space to recover, as well. try, pulling the wheel up more so you have more time to prepare the landing.

No i mean on to say a fence and over sorry i know i am not the clearest person.

I personally think pedalgrabs over fences arte easier than pedalgrabs onto objects. You have more time to think about your landing. I have a video of me pedalgrabbing over a guardrail in my gallery. All you have to be careful about is keeping yourself from doing an accidental crank flip in mid-air. Other than that, it’s easy.