SOme little questions about uni

I was travelling through W3 and i find the uni W3. As in W3, i’m a uni
beginner. But let’s begin from the beginning: I’m a 25 french guy and i
had to ended a thesis in physic in few month. Like frenchs, i’m not
writing a very nice english.

    I begin the uni just four month ago, but i don't practice a lot because
    my uni stay in Lyon (500 km south of Paris) and I'm working in Paris. So
    i spend only some hours a month in my uni, but i'm full of ambition.
    Now, i can start everywhere without help, and run tenth of minutes
    without fall. But i'm fan of mountain, and my aim is to practise uni in
    wild area in montain, out of tracks. I train this weekend in grass
    field, and i had a great fun. I can't find the best hight for my seat,
    and at the end of the day my knee was painfull. And my bullets too ...
    Is there a law for the hight of the seat ? (i'm 1m86, but i don't know
    the diameter of my wheel). Is there a list of reference of people
    practicing mountain uni in france ? I would like to know if some people
    are able to climb hard slopes like with mountain bikes and if some
    helpfull accesories are needed.

    I'm very pleased to speak with unicyclist, and I'm waiting for richfull
    discussion. As I'm not a "king of inthernet", I'm open to any
    suggestions for other electronics connections.

                    Unisincerly yours.


  •                                                     UNIVERSITE PARIS VI *
  • Phone 44 27 47 59 Tour 15 Couloir 15-14 5eme Etage *
  • Fax 44 27 37 76 4 Place Jussieu *
  • E-mail 75252 Paris cedex 05 * *

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