Some Help with Spoke Length


I’m going to be building a new muni wheel soon and I’m getting some conflicting results from online spoke length caculators.

The wheel components are as follows:
Alex DX-32 26 inch rim, 36 hole, ERD is 550 wide hub
14 guage spokes, built 3-cross

The calculator gives me a spoke length of 262.64mm.

The United Bicycle Institute calculator gives me a spoke length of 270.3mm.

Can someone run the numbers through a different (or the same) calculators and see what they get? In the past, these two calculators have been very close in their results.

thanks a bunch… Mojoe

That’s funny, I just got a wide hub this afternoon and I’ll be building the same wheel this weekend. Go with the 262. number. I built my Profile 26’ wheel with 262mm spokes and the hub has a slightly larger flange. The Suzue flange is larger and I’m pretty sure that combo uses 260mm, so Roger’s length sound good to me.

  • Frank

Thanks Frank…


recheck your numbers

Recheck what you entered @ uniteds web site.I came up with 263.2. I built the same setup and remember getting numbers in the same area when using DT`s spoke calc. chart and Also remember that uses the hub flange to hub flange measurement and united uses hub center to hub flange. Which would give you 270.3 if you used 71.3 for the hub center to flange measurement.:wink:


You’re exactly right. I overlooked the hub measurement, thinking it was flange to flange.

Thanks a lot! I feel better knowing why they came up different originally.

I’ll go with 263’s.

cheers… Mojoe