Some help with parts

In new to unicycling and I’m thinking about ordering some parts and making my own unicycle, and my question is, would all of the following parts fit together and work well?

Nimbus 24 inch MUni
Dyno Fireball 24x3 tire
Sun Doublewide 24 inch rim
SNAFU platform pin pedals (with sealed bearings)
KH Splined Crank Arms (170mm)

The reason I ask is that I’m not sure about the cranks fitting on the rim and the pedals fitting on the cranks (which would pose a problem :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m pretty sure all thoes components will work, you might need a bigger Nimbus/Yuni frame, probably around a 26" to be able to fit the tire. You will also need a KH hub to go along with the KH cranks:-)
The snafu pedals will fit the cranks.

I’ve got the Snafu’s- most pedals should fit fine on the KH cranks- these specs are pretty standard. I would look at getting some shorter 140mm cranks though as well- makes your MUni more versatile.

Don’t know much about the rim or tyre- but I’ve got a YUni frame on my 29er which works great. Thing to be aware is that with the Nimbus/Nimbus II/YUni frames- I can’t remember which is which now, but one of them has ovalised tubes the whole way (good), one of them has round tubes which are crimped to oval at the bottom, but splay out back into round tubes at the top (not so good). This gives it a wider profile which rubs on your legs. I’ve got a friend who has that frame (I think it’s a Nimbus) which constantly gets banged against his shin- and worn a hole through his 661 pads.

Its a tubular frame with a squared top, and from the picture it doesnt look like they’re crimped. Although I cannot see it very well.

Actually, the stock MUni comes with a tire that has those exact dimensions (24x3)

Lol, yessir :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks alot for all the help guys, now i can go drop $500 :smiley:

Your new setup seems like a bit overkill. For your money, I think its better to go straight for a KH24. I know they are out of stock, but I think it’s worth the wait.

Another option is to get the Nimbus, Fireball, and Snafu pedals and hold off on the new rim and hub. You say that you are new to uniing, so I doubt you are going to break any of that soon. The cranks are the one part you might break. But cranks are cheap. At the end of a couple month evaluation period, you can upgrade the cycle with the KH wheel set when they come back in stock.

The rim that comes with the Nimbus is a good one, and the hub is decent. I think it’s a good idea to keep that intact and building up the KH separately. Then you can have one wheel for MUni and one wheel with the fireball.

What type of riding are you planning to do anyway?

Hope that helps,

it’s usually a good idea to use 127mm or 152mm cranks on a nimbus, i should know, i own a nimbus these are good

Well, my friend has a uni that’s a lot like the one I want to build, and I really liked it. It was so comfortable and easy to ride (for some reason I’m better on larger unicycles) that I want something like it with a bit of modifications. The type of riding I plan on doing its off road and on, hence the fireball tire. I found that it gave good traction on and off road.