Some Freeride

Does any one else freeride i guess its call. or should i say that have stunt to ride on thats all it takes. im looking for some one that has the same riding condition and would like to make some vids together. it was just an idea. it would be fun and we get better at riding. we can push ourselves harder to get better.

well here my crappy job of picking music and editing lol.

later wes

That was awesome, great video! Pretty good music too…

great editing, weird music(not bad, just weird:p ) good riding

I enjoyed this video a lot!

very nice. :slight_smile:
very chill music. very good editing. very enjoyable.

Very good:D

…and no correction/setup hops :astonished: (from what I can tell w/ my slow computer).

+1 :slight_smile:

those skinnies and northshores are looking fun! would love to ride one time in B.C. Canada. I am also pretty much into northshores.

Sometimes i like to do a relaxed ride in the forest, pretty much the same terrain as in your video. But i usually prefer downhill. (video)

to make a video together would be fun and our riding styles would fit good, i think. unfortunately i am living some miles from you.

looking forward to see some other clips of you.

just an idea could we send clips to each other by email. it would be
cool since you perfer downhill and me freeride we put a little video toghter
for fun and see how it goes. if your up to it. you look like a pretty
good rider. i think its a neat idea tell me what you think?

Sweet vid. Excellent music choice for the riding/setting of the video! Love that chill dnb. :slight_smile:

Just a little side note, if you do happen to share videos over the net, usually using something like sendspace, or megaupload works better than trying to send a huge video file through an email. :wink:

That was a good video and the music really worked with it i think kinda cool like unicycling :smiley: