some folks just dont get it?

so i ride to the corner store to buy a 6-pack of beer,this is how the conversation went at the counter.

brainless clerk: WOW! what kind of bike is that?

Jagur: ha ha,its my “half bike”

brainless clerk: what kind of bike is it?

jagur: ha ha ah? i left the rest at home…

brainless clerk: oh you left the rest at home,but what kind of bike is it?

jagur: oh ah? its a unicycle

brainless clerk: oh oh,a unicycle bike

jagur: grabbing paid for beer and getting the hell out of there.

Are you being completely serious or exaggerating a bit?


do u know jagur to exagerate?!?

NO! exageration…this a true story.some people just dont get it.

Well then that is amazing, and funny too.

The way you punctuated that last thing reminds me of the good old Simpsons episode where someone (maybe Marge?) points out a line on Lyonel Hutz’s business card that says, “We work on a contingency basis…no money down.” But Mr. Hutz claims it’s a typo and should read…
“We work on a contingency basis?..No. Money Down!”

It’s hard to repeat something like that by typing it but for those of you who’ve seen it, you’ll know how hilarious it is when he says it.


i wonder where the other half of his brain was.

“probably shouldn’t have that bar association symbol there either…” <rip, munch munch…>"

lh- hi, i was going through your trash and i couldn’t help overhearing you need a babysitter. as a high priced lawyer i charge $300 an hour.
hs- you get paid 5 bucks and you can have a fudgcicle in the freezer
hs- 2
lh- fine, and i get to keep this old birdcage
hs- deal
lh- i still got it.

hs -homer simpson,
lh- lionel hutz

Dude- you should avoid wantanly underlining things like that- I was, like, ‘Hey, this link doesn’t work… is it my Mac?’ and then another part of me was, ‘Well, ya- it could be: Damn thang only has one big button’, which gave me some pause… before responding, ‘Ya’ gotta mash the thing like a bug, Dude!‘, and I, of course, wasn’t gonna take any of that Hollyer-than-thow-Windows-Supremisy stuff, so began to retort with the ‘Macs are more stable’ arguement- but senced a vibe in myself that suggested that I would just point out that, ‘Macs can’t real-ly multi task, now can they’, so just performed an end run on myself by going directly to the inevitable, ‘Well, you can look right inside it, and it’s shiney and stuff, and that’s COOL!’, and I was just totally disgusted withmyself and had to leave the room, cus’ like any Mac head I had couldn’t think about more than one thing at a time and had forgot all about the sucky underline.


some folks just dont get it?

Handy Surfing Tip:

True links can usually be found by the way they change to blue when you pass your cursor over them.

Unless, of course, some really twisted bunny changes the main text color in the first place, all the while underlining everything.

Oh, and this may come in handy someday.