some flatland riding

Hi I’ve got a kh20 with 137mm cranks which I love for trials type riding. I also like doing tricks like riding one footed. I want to learn some flatland tricks like leg wraps and other more advanced stuff. I have a feeling the long cranks make things like one footed riding harder than it has to be. I have no idea about crank length and leg wraps. What size do most flatland riders run, and what kind of tricks are easier on shorter cranks?

If you all think I should run shorter cranks for this kind of riding, I imagine swapping cranks is a bit of a pain and having another wheel set may be best. I don’t think they make dual hole cranks to cover trials and flatland. now I wish I hadn’t sold my kh flatland wheel set.:frowning:

125s are probably the most typical size. Smaller cranks than that are rather rare, but 137s are a very common choice. Off the top of my head, Daniel Adelander is a very good rider who prefers 137s. The other day he landed fifthtriples on them. There are many more people who love 137s for flatland as well. :slight_smile:

Oh interesting. I thought the kh20 flatland came with 114s. You don’t find 137s to be too choppy?

On another topic I like a pretty high seat post for trials so that when I do sif hops I don’t have to bend my back too much. I imagine flatland riders prefer a pretty low seat height so that it’s easier to wrap your legs around the seat.

I’m not sure what the kh20 flatland is specced with, but the usual choices are definitely 125s and 137s. Shorter than that compromises your leverage and ability to stop the cranks, which is crucial when you’re doing crankflips and rolls. I used to ride 135 K1 Street Cranks which I really liked, I don’t really recall any problems with them being too choppy. The major difference I noticed when I switched to 125 mad4ones was just the leverage, landing stuff was harder at first.

A higher seat is good for trials since you don’t have to bend over and you aren’t sitting on it anyway. Personally I use a pretty medium seat height for flatland, my rule of thumb is being able to sit on the seat with my feet on the ground. This makes it safer to bail, since its a lot harder for the cranks/pedals to sweep your feet out from under you. Just experiment to find what you like, it’s a lot of personal preference.

Cool thanks for the input.