some extra 2x4s and a few pallets...

I made a trip to Home Depot to get some of those brackets for those saw horses. Two of em were 6$. I have many 16 foot 2x4s and such. I didn’t want to buy too many brackets till I knew this would hold up. I mustve rode it at least 150 times today, and it held up very well, very solid…even when you hop off it…and fall of it. I inserted the 2x4 into the pallet a little ways, and bolted it with a C clamp. Its a perfect fit.

Now im going to go back to home depot and get a bunch more and make many sections. Ill make the 2x4 on the bottom of the triangle much longer for the additional sections. Im gonna add turns and stuff…heck ill make it 80 feet long : ).

…lol and the weights were inside the triangles…i put em in there cause it was just a tinnnny bit wobbly…but as soon as i hop onto the pallets they all fall out…i just left em and its still plenty solid as you ride it.

i didnt put too much effort into it…i just wanted a quick skinny.

How do you ride on that! would have thought there would be too much wobble on a uni.

Or just too much wobble in the rider! :wink: Practice my friend, practice…

I suppose so:p

less than 1 year later, after bout 50 miles of rail rides, many falls, and learning not to ride the thing with one hand holding the saddle…:


Cool vid!!!

Way to go!

Great skill demonstration

Man I have to learn to ride skinnes way better…

:astonished: Awsome!

Man you practice skinnies all day long, aren’t you? I haven’t seen many other videos of you but you are AWESOME… completely worth the hard work.

Very nice progression DSchmitt. Great inspiration for those of us who aren’t too great on skinnies yet :slight_smile:


This is awesome. Now’s the time for me to grab some 2 bys and some pallets and make myself some… maybe after my 421 mile ride this summer (don’t want to fall off and hurt myself just yet:p )

heck yeah, every day. it’s the only thing that doesnt really get me sore so i can do it every day no prob. but rail riding is just my favorite thing to do, next to hopping, which i can’t do everyday…cause i get too sore ahaha.

thanks for the comments!