Some complete UNICON XIII Street freestyle runs


As promised in another interesting thread about this event, here they are.

Available runs: Xavier, Kevin, Wolgang, Mathieu and myself. Really sorry for the others but my friend’s camera was out of tape.

I am glad to say that you can download them easily with a right click on the link and “save target as”.
Eventually you will be able to watch them with the - multiplatform no codec needed - vlc player . Or with any other video player as long as you have the Xvid codec installed.

They are all approximately 3min long, so between 43 and 53 Mo. The editing is limited to the only necessary and the incredible soundtrack is the original one.


Downloading kevin’s now with great anticipation. thanks for uploading them.

Many thanks for the time and effort you put in with these. Great to see this live event.

I’ve put a couple on youtube if anyone would prefer to watch it there. just search UNICON street and the name of the person e.g. Kevin McMullin.


I cant dind any, any links?


Cheers for putting these up!


I was looking for someone with these videos, thanks a lot dude. i’m downloading some now.


Those were some great videos.

Kevin have you ever done blunt slides on flat bars? I have only be able to get on and I tend not to slide them. (sorry if this is a bit of a threadjack.)

Sweet riding all around, I could really tell that the heat was affecting people. They would be all excited at the beginning of the run but like a quarter the way through it they are wiping sweat from their brow and generaly moving sluggishly.

Hey, yes, I’ve done blunt slides on flat bars, sloped bars, and almost handrails. I’ve also dont blunts to my blind foot on flat bars and sloped bars, but definitely not even close on a handrail.


Wow Kevin, you sure took your time setting up your pedals. :slight_smile: That tire grab was nice tho.

Yeah, I don’t think my style is necessarily fitted for a street competition haha. I don’t have as many flatland tricks that some others have, and its hard to get lots of big obstacles that flow nicely and quickly for a competition. But whatever, I mean people know how I ride, and I wanted to show my style, so that’s what I did. Pretty chilled out, getting mentally prepped, you know hahaha. I had fun doing it and landing those tricks though.