Some Coker Upgrades

  • T7 Handle + Grips
  • KH Railtype seatpost
  • Primo Viking seatpost clamp
  • 125mm Qu-ax lightweight cranks

Total cost w/ shipping: $126

Just thought I’d share some upgrades i bought.

I gave in to the 125’s after everyone raved about them so much recently. IMO, I’d simply put it as “eh.” I think some of you guys gave false expectations about how drastic the change actually is. Sure, it’s faster and definitely smoother…but I was expecting a little more. My little sisters Hot Wheels radar gun clocked me at a top speed of 15mph…but I’m thinking that has to be wrong. Don’t get me wrong however…thus far, I do like the 125’s better, they’ll just take some adjusting to. I found it was A LOT harder to slow down, mount, dismount, and turn…but with some practice I’ll get it down.

The t7, on the other hand, is all its said to be. It drastically increased my stability. I haven’t taken it on any serious hills yet, other than my driveway, but i’m sure it’s going to help a lot. I was a little weary about choosing whether to buy grips or not. My T7 came with some scratches on the right handle…but not quite enough to go through the hassle of returning it for another…so I put the grips on. W/e…They’re cheapo…but work fine.

Hmm…the seatpost clamp is sweet…and so is the seatpost. Although many might anticipate a large weight gain in upgrading like this…I’m not sure that I actually gained any significant amount of weight. The whole package was only 4lbs…and the cranks and seatpost are much lighter than the parts they replaced. Its probably only a pound or two at most.

Word of advice: Buy yourself a crank puller

Unfortunately, I just had my 3rd crash on my coker. I was riding on a main road (speed limit 45mph)…and got off to cross the street when i saw no opportunity of riding across. When i went to mount again i fell a bit ahead of myself and over the front of the uni. (keep in mind this was probably at 12-15mph) I tucked in a roll-like fashion and landed in a ditch while i prayed that no damage would be done to the new shiny t7. I watched in horror as the unicycle hit the ground, flipped, flipped again (about 5 feet in the air), and then landed beside the road. A line of cars that were approaching must’ve thought I died…because they all stopped to ask me if I was okay. Sure I was bleeding from a few spots, but I was only concerned about the little scratch I’d made in the back of the handle :(. No big deal though. Bruised my ego pretty bad however.

I agree about the 125s…they’re faster yeah, but not that much. They are really really nice for long flat distance riding though.

Oh yeah, i forgot to mention one more thing. The KH seatpost + T7 handle = Testicles VERY happy. I would’ve bought them for that reason alone. My unicycle is SOOOO much more comfortable now.

I really like that Coker! It has handle bars to hold onto? I’d like to eventually get a coker. How do you ride it with the handle bars?

Oh, I don’t mean to hijack the thread!

next you should get a kh freeride seat, and some better pedals!

that thing is awesome.

You ride it just like you would without handle bars…except, you can hold onto them…haha.

Yea, I might upgrade my seat eventually. That’s the standard KH seat on there now, I switched it with my Qu-ax trials. The UDC one is nice and narrow for street.

I’m thinking I’m going to get another set of blue Jim C’s to match the t7. That’d pull the whole thing together nicely wouldn’t it?

Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile: