some cmw pixs

Here some assorted photos form last weekend at cmw









Looks like you had fun! It’s a pity California is so far away :smiley: I’m rather jealous of your Muni posibilities.

I’m not in any:( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

you got some great pics of Eric though!

Those look really nice! I wish I could have gone, but plane tickets are expensive. Looks like you had a great time.

Those are awsome pictures, that place looks like heaven!

That’s making me wonder if I should go to CMW instead of MoabMuniFest next year! :astonished:

come too both!

That looks like some awsome trials ridin

awesome pictures

you da man, hans!:slight_smile:

I think they’re both great events. But if I had to choose just one, I would choose Moab. The thing about CMW is that all the trails tend to be singletrack, which means you can go a good long ways and only see a few people who are around your same strength. At Moab, the terrain is much more open, so you can really get the feeling of riding in a big group. Moab is also stunningly beautiful, although Tahoe and Santa Cruz (the site for CMW 2007) are also very pretty places.

I agree with mornish; do both!

Tell me about it. On Sunday there was a group that didn’t stick around for our group photo, and I don’t know if I ever saw any of them again; I’m not even sure who they were? Part of that is planning; maybe we should have asked (nicer) for people to stop occasionally and let us group up.

Next year should be different with the Coker rides, many of which will probably be on wider trails. Also by breaking into smaller groups, it will be easier for the groups to start and finish relatively together.

That said, Moab and CA each have their share of stunning scenery and various types of terrain. A well-rounded rider should try to get to both; if you’ve been to one, shoot for the other one next!


This slowly became an issue with us Mo boys, maybe because we’re not use to riding with other muni riders. We were having a hard time adjusting to these “extended picnics” as I started calling them, not that stopping is a bad thing but stopping for over 30 minutes makes for stone-cold legs, lowered body temperature and personally takes away from my riding experience. I would prefer to do most of my socializing afterwards over a plate of fresh-mex and a beverage of choice and let each person ride their own ride. My most memorable experience from the weekend was riding with people that I naturally fell into place with because we rode close to the same level for long periods of time. It seems to me that Muni riding encompasses many different types of riders with different abilities and different styles, more than any sport I have ever encountered and I feel you would take away from personal experiences when you force them all to conform to the same ability.

Having said that, overall I had a great time. The weather was perfect, the scenery was beautiful, I won a new unicycle (yeah, that was me) and things seemed to move along nicely through the weekend. Riding the complete Hole in the Ground trail would have been the icing on the cake, (there were more than two people who rode on past the overlook) the massive red fir trees in the valley below were some of the tallest I seen that weekend.

I met many people whom I wish could be my new riding buddies but there are just to many miles in between so hopefully we’ll ride again at another festival. :slight_smile:


I agree with that. Coming from an XC mountain biking mentality of riding and riding and riding without stopping, the eating and drinking breaks felt a bit long to me. I found that I had to bring more food and water just because we stopped and “cooled down” for so long.

I like all the breaks, it is a time to play on rocks and stuff. If you don’t do trials or other riding on the breaks I can see how you would cool down. I usually go to stuff like that to ride a lot so I wouldn’t want to get done with the ride really fast because then there is nothing really to do, people usually just leave after rides. With the stops it gives people a chance to play on stuff, socialize, and since no one is rushing through it so fast you can see a lot more people.

I agree with Spencer, If I was going to CMW for the trails Iyoud be ripping yourself off. However, the mild/long trails are more than made up for by the socialization with other riders, and the experiences that ensue. It’s why I love to judge every year, even though I’m bombarded with requests to compete.

Group muni rides are like that, especially the larger group rides at events like the CMW. We seem to like to do a lot of socializing while on the trail.

A CMW group ride is never going to be a hard-core ride with few stops. If you want a more hard-core ride you have to do it either alone or with a small group of riders with the same mindset as you with regards to riding.

nah uh im da man

great pics I wish I had that sort of stuff near my place