Some BUC clips and progress

well heres my latest video, theres some clips from free time on the street course at BUC and a couple that are just helping me document my latest progress :smiley:

where are mine and jacobs filming credits :open_mouth:

:open_mouth: I’m such a douche, thankyou to Ryan and Jake for filming for me, i’d like to mention it’s jakes finger covering the camera, he’ll one day make an amazing cameraman! :smiley:

I’m in the process of uploading a lot of vids to youtube at the moment. The vids include:

Most (if not all) of the speed trials
All of the street competition
Matt Sindelar’s Saturday performance, Saturday performance extra, and sunday performance
Compilation of some of the Trials
Most (if not all) of the advanced freestyle

However, I am currently coming a little stuck with the format YouTube accepts - supposedly it accepts the format the videos are in, but it keeps complaining about them.

I’ve now managed to start getting videos up to YouTube. Could people please help me with the names of the riders in each video

First speed trials:

Second speed trials:

The rest are still to come.

If you just want to watch through all the footage I have of the speed trials (I’ll keep this updated):

Now I feel like a dunce.

There is no sound on the video files, so the new ones with sound will replace them, else we will miss the comment “There is tarmac up my ar*e”

I really wanted to edit that post with the two direct video links in. Actually, I still do.