Some advice before I buy.


 I am a college student in Florida (where it is flat most places).  I am interested in learning to ride a unicycle.  I could see myself starting off just to get around campus and as a recreational hobby.  I don't want strictly street tires, cause you gotta go offroading every now and then.  I am a beginner and I know it is easier to learn on a 20 in, but I think I want the 24 in.  Several people have recommended to get the Torker LX.  I like what I've seen of it, but don't know what else is out there...Like Nymbus.  Also, I have been shopping ebay and found a Torker LX for 108 bucks including shipping and everthing.  It comes with a stand.  Should I be weary and is it even a good deal?  I could really use some good advice before I indulge in this new hobby.  Thanks for your help!   :thinking:    :) 

Ride On,


check out:

The one unicycling store on ebay, that is good and reliable is bicycle source. If the uni is form there you should get it, cause the site is a very good one, but no site is a good as Unicycle.dom is, UDC is the best.

It seems you like to go distance and off-road more, so go for the 24inch version. It wont dampen learning how to ride, cause learning to ride a 20 or a 24 is pretty much the same.

I bought a Torker LX from eBay and it came NIB (New In Box). It was a very good deal ($97.97 including s&h) and has held up to some pretty good beatings.

My first unicycle was a 24" Torker CX, which was terrrible. The LX, though, is a huge step up (I got a 20" LX because it was easier for freestyle, whereas the 24" is kind of bulky, but faster)

Where in FL are you? I’m down in Hobe Sound, about 20 minutes north of West Palm, and as soon as I finish my degree at the local college (IRCC), I’m going to be going to UCF of FSU (not sure which yet).

Maybe noone elce will agree but I have an old style Schwinn 24 which I ride a lot lately. I have noticed a lot of them on eBay and they were CHEAP, usually less then $25. I think one could do a lot worse for a starter. The seat posts are short though and a long seat post and better seat is well worth the extra money.

LX is a wonderful starter, yep.

get the 24" LX that is what I have now since I started

Thanks everyone!

Thanks for all your advice! I definitely want the Torker LX. It’s just a matter of time. One last question before I go…is it true that it only takes about 10 hours to get going? Any tips on where to start? Thanks!


it took me less then ten hours so it is ture. there is some people I know though that have be going for months and still can do anything

Start next to a fence, cause then you can hold on to it, and it helps you learn faster.
Also learn to ride then learn to freemount.