solve my problem

Hi all, I have a couple of questions, any and all help is appreciated.

First, I thought I had a bad crank, when tightened it still had horizontal movement and periodically it got worse so I purchased new cranks and after a few rides the same thing is happening so I have stopped riding my trials uni as I dont want it to get as bad as the last pair…so my question is do I buy a new hub as I think the spline is damaged and causing the problem or is there some way to pack or fill the gap so I can get a tight wriggle free ride again.

Second, I currently have a nimbus 24x3, great uni but im looking at doing some longer distances and significant hill climbs and I need something lighter and larger.

I am tossing up between the 26 and 29 nimbus oricle, seems good for price, weight, build etc any advice or opinions on wheel size for this type of riding and if anyone has one of these unis what are your thoughts ? Would you do it again?

Thanks in advance.

What brand is your trials uni? That will help a lot trying to solve the problem, a photo would also help immensely. Does it have the necessary spacers?

You’ll have to decide for yourself on the 26 vs 29 debate. There is a million discussions here on the topic, do a quick search and start reading.

Loose cranks: How tight are you tightening your cranks? You should be tightening them to 25 foot lbs. I had this problem and then tightened them up using a torque wrench and it solved my problem. Check out this thread: Creaking noise - ISIS crank? How tight can it go?

It also could be a spacer issue.

I don’t have any advice on the new uni except to say that I love my 36" Triton for riding street.

Thank you for the help guys I think its been sorted, only way to see is get out and ride it, if the problem is still there ill upload some pics and give more info.

Thanks shannong the link helped.

In regards to the 26 vs 29 alot of the older posts say the 29 isn’t built to take as much abuse as the 26 due to double walled rims etc but they are built tougher now so I guess it comes down to would the jump from a 24x3 to a 26x3 be to small of a jump between uni’s ?

Hi there

I am quite to the unicycling and I’ve got a 19’ (trials) ,20’(freestyle), 26’ (muni), 36’ (oracle). I have never used a 24’ but I would think is pretty close to 26’. If you already have a 24’ I would definetely go for at least a 29’ to cover longer distances and have a different experience. I assume the 29’ are built to stand anything you throw at them. Many people do crazy things with the 36’ so I can’t see the 29’ not being tough enough.

In my case, jumping from the standard 20’, I found the 26’ great for covering more ground but after few months I found I needed something bigger. Now I use the 36’ for anything further than around the block and the 26’ for tricks and Muni.

If I was you, having already a 24’, I would go for the 29’ (never tried one though). Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I would go for the 29er. Since the Oracles have disc brakes you can build different size wheesl and not have brake issues. My main unicycle is a geared 36er. But I have a Nimbus Oregon also. I’m hoping to get more time on it. The reason I got it was the versatility of switching out wheel sets.