Solution for bottle cages!

Hello everyone!

My boss bought these clamps thinking they were seatclamps for cheap. It turns out they’re clamps with threads in to install bottle cages where there’s no mount. The cool thing is, these have a 31.8mm diameter! So they will fit most unicycle frames on the market (Flansberrium, Triton, KH, QX-series and some more).

It works well with a side access bottle cage. The bottle is about 25mm from my seat and can still be taken out easily!

These clamps are usually $5CAD each, my boss wants me to sell them for $6CAD a pair! Bottle cage can be bought seperatly if wanted, they’re $12 each. (Not including bottle)

Sorry for the flipped pictures, they come out on straight on my computer…

Sounds and looks good, and cheap enough to try out without much risk. What would be the ordering process?

These will work with the Oracle Frames as well!

Paypal? Then I can probably ship in an envelope for pretty cheap.