Solstrom: Cirque du Soleil: A bit of unicycling

Cirque du Soleil is running a new series on the Bravo network (here in the US) called Solstrom. It is a series of performances with each week having a theme. The first was Romance and all the acts center around two people falling in love.

One of the acts involved a man unicycling (looked like a 24" wheel) in circles doing a balletic routine with the object of his desire. It was a combo acrobalance, dance thing. The unicycling was not particularly spectacular but the overall effect was very nice.

However, the guy did one dismount that was truly amazing. He comes to a standstill with the pedals in the horizontal position and does a complete back flip into the air and lands on his feet.

Many of the acts are adapted from some of the existing Cirque shows but the juggling act, which is extremely erotic, was not something I’ve seen, although I suspect that it might come from their new Vegas show Zumanity. The two jugglers perform on a cafe table and contort and writhe around each other while doing solo and shared ball juggling tricks.

This weeks’ theme is Twins, but unfortunately I missed it and wont be able to catch the replays tomorrow at 3:30 EST and Sunday at 11:00 AM EST.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I remember seeing a post here or pictures in the gallery of someone doing a backflip dismount…some kid from England I believe if my memory serves me


This shows you everything you need to know. It’s a photo that rhysling “took” when I was in Mississippi. (As in “took liberty with.”)


Yeah, it must’ve been Oxford, Mississippi, cause if I’m not mistaken those are a bunch of blokes around you.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Sorry, Raphael, I meant to jack your other thread…the one about the chin balancing.

You’re thinking of Trevor Schofield (unicycleboy). Here’s his gallery.

Cirque Du Soleil in Montreal just got a new
Bedford Trials Unicycle yesterday !!!

Someone from there was in Toronto at the TOque games and checked out my booth.

Watch for a Bedford trials unicycle in a upcoming show. I don’t know what they will be doing with it
but I’m sure it will be impressive.