Solo at Sullivan

ANother awesome 11 mile MUni adventure for me today at Sullivan Canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains. Also got a new ultra compact Digital Still cam which is amazing! It’s a Sony Cybershot 7.2 mp that takes an astonishing 2.8 shots PER SECOND! Also has a continuous burst mode that will take unlimited shots in quick succession, which is perfect for capturing drops/hops from start to finish.

Talk about ZERO lag time! And the 4 gig mem stick takes nearly a full HOUR of video, and THOUSANDS of high res pics! I had like FIVE different ppl asking about it and they all said that they were going to get one too! (Of course, the pics below were greatly reduced in res to (more than) comply with the file size limits.)

Read the specs here:

tp sullivan.jpg

Wow, that shooting speed is amazing for a point and shoot camera! Do you have any full-size pics I could look at?

Well, the limit here is only 800x600, and my single pics are like a whopping 1899x3013 each!!! I tried to access the gallery but it’s down…at least I can’t get to it. I could email it to you it’s about 2.3 megs for one pic. But yeah, the res is astounding and crystal clear.

So here’s a pic reduced to the max limit of 800x600, which is waaaay smaller than the original, which is meant for 11x17 prints!

Here’s a shot I took of a really cool trike-bike! Afgain, less than 1/3 of normal res.

Thanks again for the fun ride around the park. When you get a chance, if you can send me a few of those pictures to my email.