solid tires

does anybody else think a solid rubber trials tire would make it alot more hardcore and durable? for jumps off of higher objects…or is that just dependent on the rim??
i also know it would be a big pain to get it off and on the rim
i dont even know if it would work right
it would probobly be the biggest pain just making it and fixing the flaws and crap

im just not sure…

and it would make it alot heavier

Heavy, no compression, so much more force would be going into you rim…

Would not work.

correction, it could work
but we could also make a brick tire and the brick tire might work better too :roll_eyes:

That would hurt so bad. I have done small drops with a 110 psi tire and it hurts when you land. A solid tire would be worse.

Have you actually filled a tire up to 110psi? My Primo Walls on my BMX are rated for 90psi and I have never filled them passed 65psi.

Yeah, it was when Evan owned that koxx 20" street uni that I have and he had a primo comet tire on it thats rated to 110 and he actually filled it up that much.

I would think it would burst the tube…

Must have been like riding on a brick.

Did it pop? I bet if it did it was super loud.

Nah, it didn’t pop.

i know plenty of bmxers who run over 100 psi. they get pinch flats otherwise. and a solid tire would be especially hard to mount, even if its riding properties would be good, which they wouldn’t be.

When I used to ride BMX I always had my tires at 110psi, I loved it, there was such little rolling resistance and I never smashed my room or pinch flatted.

Back to the subject though, I’ve seen solid rubber tires at walmart for 20" wheels. The labeling said it felt equivalent to riding on a 35psi tire. The option is out there but I think it would be pretty terrible for any sort of trials. I don’t see there being much bounce.

EDIT: I just searched for a bit and what I had seen was actually a solid tube