((SOLD))Vee tire speedster 26x3.5”

I got this tire with a wheelset I bought to build a hatchet and I have decided to go with something 4”+ with knobs so this one needs a new home

looks new to me but we will consider it used since I got it secondhand and it could possibly have been mounted and ridden

$35 plus actual shipping


Hi Mr. Bacon, should I assume you are American by the lack of location information?

Folding or wire bead? if folding, what would be approximate shipping to S6V-5R3 Canada (I can’t figure it out myself not knowing where it’s starting from). Do you take PayPal?

That tire has definitely been ridden based on the the label on the sidewall but has 99% tread life remaining. I’d call it a “like new takeoff” I’d like to try one of these for my commuting e-fat bike in the snow-free months.

Sorry I just added location I never remember to do that. Let me get back to you a little later today on the shipping quote

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USPS calculator says $51.60 using a 13x20x5 box.

Thanks for checking. As a general rule I won’t pay more for shipping than the actual product unless it’s an emergency. I’ll leave this for someone south of the border. Good luck on the sale!

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I don’t blame ya! Thats a bit much IMO

@JimT gave me some tire folding tips and i was able to get this down to a much smaller box. Assuming this can ship first class it is $32 in case your interested @saskatchewanian

Give http://www.shipbikes.com a look. Usually much cheaper. It is a way to purchase FedEx shipping at a discount. 13x20x5 box at 5 pounds from PA to CA was 19 bucks.

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Thanks again. Like I’ve said I’ll leave this for someone south of the border, besides I’ve probably made enough impulse buys already this month. It really would be an interesting tire to try though.

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Still available

Dropping the price to $35 plus shipping

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