[SOLD] Nimbus nightfox 36 incher with disk brakes and handlebars for sale

I have decided to sell my 36 inch nimbus nightfox. It shows light wear on the seat (very minimal). It has disk brakes and handlebar. I live in washington state. Not sure what its worth, it seems i paid around 900 new a few years back. Just make me an offer and we can figure out pick up or shipping arrangements. Everything is in working order on this unicycle. Thanks, mike

any pictures? :camera:

Ill get you some pictures soon, I’ve been working long shifts and just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Let me know if the pics come through alright


Hi is this still available?

Yes it is. What state are you in? I am in Washington state.

I’m actually in the uk does that matter? And if not what sort of price you thinking of?

I’m just hoping to walk away with $300 in my pocket. I don’t have a clue what shipping would cost to the UK, but i am more than willing to ship if the price plus shipping still works for you. Ill start looking at shipping rates to see if i can figure out an estimate.

Hi sorry to do this but i’ve been researching the unicycle and i dont feel it is for me.
thanks for everything.

Hi, I might be interested if you can ship to Germany. Could you find out how much the shipping would be?

Shipping the 36" uni to Germany is pretty expensive. 150-300 Euros.

36" plus shipping is 600 Euros.

I have a potential buyer already (from my state). If it falls through, ill let you know.

Is this still available? How close are you to Portland, OR? I have been wanting a used 36er for a good price for a long time and can probably meet you and avoid having to ship it

I would need west coast shipping but am also very interested. Thanks!

If this item is sold the seller should mark it as sold or respond to interested parties. Leaving it hang on makes the trading post confusing. If you want to post things For sale follow through on your post and end it when it sells or you change your mind. I’m not trying to be mean but I made an offer on this week’s ago through a private messages with no response and it keeps resurfacing.

This sale is pending. A deal has been made and a plan for final transfer in about a week has been agreed upon. If that plan falls apart for some (unlikely) reason, it will likely be posted here.

This Unicycle is Sold (or at least it will be later this month). Sorry, i couldn’t figure out how to remove the listing or mark it as sold.

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Trying to find a way to remove my post or mark it as sold, i just couldn’t figure it out.

I edited the title for you.

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Thank you!