SOLD: New/Unused 36 inch Unicycle Travel Bag

Hi, I have a unicycle travel bag for traveling with a 36 incher. I bought it from back when I bought my Nimbus Nightrider back about 12 years ago. It has never been used and is still sealed in the plastic bag. It has Nimbus embroidered on the bag. It unzips and has a shoulder strap/carry strap. Sorry for the picture quality, as the pics are taken through the plastic. I don’t have any idea what this is worth. I’m asking $50 plus s/h. I’m happy to provide different pictures, if requested.

This bag has been sold. Thanks!

These bags are incredible for storing tyres. I’ve got one with about twenty tyres of all sizes in it. It is like a Tardis. Such a shame they are no longer available.

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