[Sold] - KH29 (2010) - $300

Kris Holm 29" Unicycle from 2010

  • KH ISIS Moment Crank 110/127 Double Hole Crank
  • Freeride Blue
  • No Brake
  • ISIS Hub
  • T-bar

It has some scratches on the frame and a little tear on the seat as you can see in the picture below.
The seat post was cut a little short as for a short rider (inseam 29" - crotch to feet). I will also provide a large padded bag for transporting/shipping unicycle. I used the bag to transport the same to unicycle to five continents.

Asking for $350 + shipping.



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Updated price from $350 to $300.

I plan on making a trip up to ME for some hiking the end of September. If you can wait I’d take it unless you wanna include shipping for $300.

That should be no problem. Do you want to exchange contact information now or wait until mid September?

We can wait and if someone else wants it before than that’s fine. If it’s still available at that time we can go from there.

Any update?

Is this still available?

Hi Rob, it is still available.

Does the frame have tabs for a disc caliper? Is the hub disc compatible?

I am not sure exactly what I should look for. Here are the information from when I ordered it.

**Kris Holm 29" Unicycle**

***KH ISIS Moment Crank Option:***

125/150 Double Hole Crank (standard on cycle)

***KH Saddle Choice***

Freeride Blue (standard on cycle)

***Brake Option***

No Brake

***Hub Option:***

ISIS Hub (standard)

***KH Clamp Color Option:***

Black (standard)

By the way, it seems you are in CA. The unicycle is still available but also has someone who may pick it up locally in a few weeks. I would prefer local. Just FYI.

If it is the 2010 frame (and in the pic it seems like it), there is no disk tab just the magura mounts for rim brakes. You will need to get a D-Brake, get a tab welded or change the frame.

As for the hub, there is no KH disk hub because it goes on the Spirit cranks. So as long as you have an ISIS hub, you just need to get Spirit cranks.

Hopes it help you have a clearer idea :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info. Those magura rim brakes are pretty hard to find, huh?

You won’t find them in the first Wal-Mart you walk into but they are a lot of them used and technically they are still produced to this days (and I even saw some on new touring bikes sold in Germany !).
The real challenge would be with the choice of rims if you decide/need to replace the KH one of this uni. In the siamese wheels world, there are now a lot of disk brake rims that di not have the rim brake surface (or reinforcement).

And if you need/want to go for a disk brake setup and do not know a good welder, you can get a D-Brake adapter and you are good to go :wink:

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Nimbus Dominator 2 rims still have rim brake tracks on them but those are the only ones I know of that aren’t skinny road bike rims.

Let me know if the local sale doesn’t go through; I’m happy to pay $350+shipping today if you wish. Cheers and many thanks

It was sold today. Thank you for the offer though.

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