((SOLD)) KH 36” for sale

((SOLD)) Offering my KH 36” unicycle for sale. $500 plus shipping in the lower 48. i use bike flights for shipping and it’s very reasonable. If shipping does get over $75 I can help out

This was originally a Magura brake era KH and I upgraded the frame to the current disc compatible version to run a disc brake

It shows normal rubs and scuffs from use and transportation but it’s in very nice condition. Its solid and smooth as new ((except the tire. See below))

As you can see in the pictures the brake line is long so you have plenty of line to extend it out to a handlebar. I will be keeping my saddle so the fusion one pictured is NOT included. I do have a brand new Nimbus stadium saddle in green that I can include for an additional $30 if you want it. The saddle brake mount will be included regardless. Otherwise let me know if you want the pivotal seat post or a four bolt seat post and I will include it


Here are some photos of the imperfections and wear

I damaged the bead of the tire removing it to replace a tube and it made the sidewall bulge out next to the damaged bead. I have put lots of miles on the tire with it like this and have been monitoring it and it has not changed. I ride aggressively and corner hard at speed with the tire run between 45 and 50 psi. I personally have no issues with it and would continue to ride it as is but you should ride it at your own risk. You can also see a cut on the side wall that does not affect anything as it’s too shallow but it’s there (this is the nightrider lite tire) The other photos just show some rub marks on the frame, scuffs on the rim and rust in seat post clamp screw heads

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What’s the hub on that?

Looks almost like a three piece hub, but with the older design steel flanges, and much narrower centre than what I remember on the moment hubs.

Is it just the rim, hub, and spokes that are original now?

Looks welded to me.

That’s what I thought, but looking at the picture in its largest format, the centre section of the hub also looks to me like it has a slightly dirty laser etched logo on aluminium.

I’m not sure what you guys are seeing all I see is Kris Holme moment printed on the hub identifying it, I don’t see any factory or repair welds. It looks like weaponized bacon pointed out all the imperfections I don’t believe he would have left out a repair of that magnitude.

I have bought a saddle from him and he gave a square deal, a like new saddle and fast shipping. Both unicycles he has listed are outstanding deals.

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We’re not talking about a repair. Some Moment hubs were a three piece construction, where the flanges were pressed onto a centre section. The current Spirit hubs are one-piece forged. On some other hubs (eg some Nimbus hubs I believe) the flanges are welded onto the spindle. This looks like the welded construction to me, but I could be wrong.

It’s neither here nor there really, just unicycle nerds nerding about details :slight_smile:


My apologies and excuse my ignorance, I just didn’t want to see his sale hijacked by nitpicking from people not interested buying the uni. Once again my apologies.

@mowcius & @lightbulbjim

Here are some closeups of the hub. It is steel with what appears to be welded flanges and its approximately 70mm which is the same as the current Spirit hub

@Bug72 thanks for looking out :slight_smile:

Oh yea @mowcius the original parts remaining are the rim, spokes and hub

No worries.

Interested. Have a daughter that lives in Charlotte could pick up. Would you call me at nine seven nine two two Nine one six three two to discuss?

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Ahh yes, now seeing close it looks like the old K1 hubs where the logo was laser etched into the paint on the steel shaft. That just threw me a little as for some reason I thought they were painted/printed on.
(Edit: or maybe they are, but it just looks different here)

Good hubs those anyway. As they say in the bike world - steel is real!

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I got your VM and left a message

Sorry, in a meeting will call shortly

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Can you explain what you mean? I need to ship a 36" unicycle and I’m not sure how to do it. Any pointers would be appreciated. Apologies for the thread derail

No worries! Bikeflights is just a third party broker that offers discounted rates for shipping cycles. Its simple to use, you dont need an account and you print the Label at home. They also offer cycle sized boxes for purchase


You still need to box it yourself (or have UPS do it) and drop it off or schedule a pickup


Flatscreen TV boxes are the way to go here if you can get a suitable sized one - delivery companies take far better care of TVs than they do of bikes…


Did you see this? Why This Bike Company Put a TV on Its Box


Yes I think I did.

A few other companies do it now too. I saw a post about some Kona bikes earlier in the week that were all in Kona “TV” boxes.