(SOLD) 36" Nimbus Stealth For Sale

36" Nimbus Stealth plus the following upgrades and accessories: Air Saddle Cover, VCX Cranks (100, 125, 150), Touring Handle, Bearing Puller, Crank Puller, Extra Rotor, Replacement Spokes, Spindle Spacers, Magura Bleed Kit. Ridden on street only. Cost of everything $1,135 new, Sell $750 - Like New. Shipping to the Lower 48 States US is included.

Nimbus Stealth isn’t a model of uni. This is a rim. Did you mean Nightfox or Oracle?

A few years ago when I bought my Nimbus 36er it was identified as a Stealth model by UDC. They have since discontinued that model, at least in the US. I don’t know what the difference was between it and a normal Nimbus 36er but it has a black rim and had an aluminum hub in it. I changed the hub to steel when I got it.

OK, my bad then! The name may have changed when they rebranded the Stealth2 rim into Dominator2 rim.

I’m seriously considering this, been looking for a 36” for a while and this one seems to be well equipped. Can you please post a picture of the uni?

It is a Stealth. DUC discontinued the model name and went with Oracle. I think they are essentially the same model.

Yes that sounds correct.

I just posted the pics. I have more as well.

It does have a nightfox tire

PM sent.

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