[SOLD] 29 x 3.0 tires

Maxxis Minion DHR II Plus 29x3.0 120tpi for 30,- euro
WTB Ranger 29x3.0 TCS Light/Fast Rolling for 20,- euro

Both tires are used less than a year.

I’d be interested in one of these two. My 29" is more for XC than Muni/downhill, which one would you recommend? Also, would you send to Paris, France? I noticed that now MondialRelay has a NL website, so shipping should be easy and cheap.

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I might be interested by the Minion (I think my M4O frame is compatible) if you take the Ranger and already bought gear from RVS so easy to manage

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I’d also be interested in the WTB Ranger if neither Bouin-Bouin nor Pierroy takes it. BTW, I’m in France, too.

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I just checked
My 29 Fat L M4O frame is compatible with 3“ tyre :wink:

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