SOLD 29 UDC trainer

Special offer, I have a 29 UDC trainer in good condition, it is pretty much stock other than I installed 140MM cranks. I will put the original tire and seat back on it for the transaction
I’m offering it to anyone willing to donate 50.00 to my challenge here. You will have to pay for shipping but I will throw in an extra set of pedals, a set of 127 cranks and extra seat with it. So if anyone is looking to move up to a good 29 trainer here is your chance.


Hi Ace, I would like to take up your offer and donate to your cause. I’m a one-year, mid-level rider and have been looking to step up to a 29. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

Hi, I got your Mail. if you just give me your zip I will check for shipping cost and let you know

Sold to Bryan in CA, a new member to the group making a move from a 24 to the 29

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