There was great thread on here a while back with advice about stabilising and compressing video and adding the output from a bike computer.

Can anyone point in towards it?

This one maybe: Deshake your videos

That is the one. Thanks.

I had been using the camera on my helmet but that has its drawbacks. Michael Schumacher’s brain damage being associated with a helmet mount among them.

Now I have the camera mounted just above the fork and that works well. It is quite interesting to see how smooth my riding can be sometimes but the deshaker is what it really needs.

Indeed. He also rode every bike like it needed to be ridden.

I watched Casey from the start finish line as he came around into the top of the main straight at Phillip Island in the Australian GP in 2008. It was sight to behold.

The Ducati was moving around under him like a possessed beast as he calmly sat completely focused upon it.

Sure Marc Marques and Valentino Rossi are both spectacular riders winning world championships on their highly refined Hondas and Yamahas but nobody but Casey has demonstrated the the level of talent to do it on a Ducati. Just look at where Val was placed when he competed on a Ducati.

It’s a pity that Stoner doesn’t ride anymore. MotoGp needs him.