already posted in the german forum, but i think, you should see this, too…


What a great movie.
He has perfect balance!

I remember him from UNICON! He is a really talanted rider. I really liked the editing.


Wow, everything he was doing were the things I am starting to learn. =p

here’s aother crazy vid from him…

the leg aorund to one footed 180 unispin lading on one foot with another leg around is so crazy! so is the leg aorund to that crazy stall thing…

the editing was amazing and so was the riding

i loved it

that was amazing, i really liked it, great riding and editing,and skillz lol

That was awesome… and the editing was great too!

Man Felix is an awesome rider (that is felix right?)

the guy who posted this videos name is “xilef”.

put that backwards and you get…



good vid

nice vid!
great editing and good riding!!
he’s so great!!!

nice, seen it like 20 times now, whats the song? thats cool…

he is amazing…

the rider name is felix?

i loved all the tricks

yes, felix is good!

Im very impressed! I really like watching freestyle videos, but that was esspecially good. I really liked the one foot unispin. That was amazing. Nice job!

nobody know the song? felix?

Awesome movie…I wish i could do that. Oh, well :roll_eyes:

it’s from the nike trailer, search it on youtube…

Sorry again, but does anyone know the song?

I have been looking on youtube for trailers and advert but haven’t found anything.

I quite need this music, anyone know?


Nope I liked the music to fir the song prefectly.