Softer Seat?

I got a 20" Sun (my first unicycle) for my birthday this April and the seat is kind of hard. What is a good, soft seat that I could get (preferably not expensive) to replace it?

Get a KH freeride or a KH air saddle they’re both comfy.

Nimbus Gel or KH freeride.

Forget the air saddle. Go for the KH freeride:

Everyone is going to say something different but all the intelligent people will tell you the KH freeride is the most comfortable. Expensive is all relative, the freeride probably costs around half as much your entire unicycle did but its most certainly a worthwhile upgrade.

Softer isn’t necessarily better. Just look at bike seats, performance saddles aren’t really soft, they’re just well designed to fit your body.

So Brian’s suggestion of a KH freeride would be a good place to start. Not everyone is the same though, so don’t be afraid to customize your comfort. All KH saddles come with removable covers which makes modding easier.

honestly, its not worth it, just keep riding what you have and try to keep more weight on the pedals if you insist though, don’t get a Gel seat, they are the worst good seat in existance, i very strongly dislike them.

i like the slim profile of my KH seat, but i would rather it be all foam and no gel.

So thats what that little black patch was! Seriously though, why does he even bother with it.

yeah i tried to shape mine and that patch turns out to be 1/32" thick or so… lol
then sticky gel
then i thought about cutting out… i think i might try that still.