Sofa Solution # 312

Hey, when you have a unicycle club, spare unicycles, and a Scuba Blue Geo Metro, you generally have to have 3 or 4 unicycles strapped up in the bike rack.

There must be a way to reduce strapping time!

The pictures are pretty much self explanitory, but I’ll mention a few things first.

The clamp is just a spring clamp from any hardware store. This appears to suffice, as it has a deceivingly tight clamp, although I am going to check for bigger ones, just to feel more secure.

I was thinking about putting in another one (bolting it right to the bike tray) but then I thought about security. I’d rather have one point where the unicycle is actually tied in. I use a strap for an old pedal toe-clip (these are SOOOO handy, dig them out of your old pedals) and secure it to the bike tray through the pedal. This keeps it from flying off, and also the pedal away from the car’s Scuba Blue paint.

And the clamp tucks away when not in use :slight_smile:

(edit: I forgot to mention how handy the that bike work stand has been!)

Patent pending.

looks good.

revive this thread with a photo of the splattered bug guts on your seat after a long drive…


I used zip ties to hold 4 unicycles on my roof racks for the Ohio/Michigan meets last week and I found it to work very well. Quick and easy. 3 ties on each unicycle. One around the seat and two on the tires/rims.

Over 12 hours on the roof at speeds of 75 mph and not a problem. A few bugs attached themselves to the unicycles but not a loose unicycle.

Cutting off the ties was real fast as well.

I was going to make a gig to hold a bunch of unicycles on the roof rack but after doing it this way I don’t think I will make one. Plus there is storing it when your not using it.
I would do it again with zip ties for sure.