Sofa...rides 3-wheeler first try! (video)

Well, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but really fun nonetheless!

I recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried one out to go for it!

Enjoy the 10 MB quick time video

That’s too funny Sofa!


Congrats, Brian. 3-wheelers are indeed fun.

Our 3-wheeler made it’s debut in our club tonight. The kids had an absolute blast with it. All the kids who rode it tonight have ridden our 5’ giraffe before so they had some adjustment but not as much as a non-giraffe rider would have had. It is a real head-turner with it’s red, white and blue tires.

Ben tried to do his running free-mount but didn’t get anywhere with it. The uni was just too long and the floor too slippery. Maybe we’ll try it again out in the parking lot. Ben was wheel-walking the thing though. Pretty impressive move waaaaaay up there. Can’t wait for the uni to appear in parades this summer.

At the end of practice, Brad took off the bottom wheel and the kids tried 2-wheeling it. Wish I had a video camera. It was a hoot! I kept telling the kids, “Don’t pedal forward.” But no sooner than I would warn them, they’d try to catch their balance, pedal forward and shoot off the front. We had all the parents laughing. It was great!


Errrrrr… ahhhhh…Yoopers, did you actually view Sofa’s vid? :thinking:

Never mind, your post was pretty fun too! :wink:


Was that your first time on? If so, it was awesome. I mean, one footing already. Sofa my man, you’re a natural.


That’s pretty risky to ride a 3 wheeler through puddles and through a wet lawn. The wetness can cause the wheels to slip and then down you go.

you did pound the cranks on with a wooden mallet before you rode it,right?

Actually I didn’t. I’m on dialup and 10 Mb is quite a bit. Sounds like it was a “I came in on the end of the conversation” situation for me. Now it seems I’ll have to download it and laugh at myself.



Well, I tried in vain tres times to download Sofa’s 10 Megabugger video clip but it just won’t cooperate. So, would someone be kind enough to give me a synopsis of the clip? Gotta know what I need to laugh at myself about.


Well, Bruce, you seem like a good guy, so although not nearly as funny, I’ll allow you a sneek peek…

The one footed riding I found particularly impressive. How long did it take you to do that?!


Hmmm…can’t quite put my finger on it, but for some reason it looks a bit different than our 3-wheeler.

Nice ride! I especially like the protective gear required to ride such a beast.


the vid download timed out on me 5 times before i finally got it ( boy was foiled by the content after my labor) ,fortunatly my computer saved what i had gotten every time so i didnt have to start over every time.

this happens to me on all of Sofa’s clips bigger than 4 megs.

EDIT: its all his fault…

I hope you weren’t under the influence of that adult beverage… :astonished:

Oddly enough, I was. And my original thoughts were riding it and pulling my beer out of the basket and taking a swig, but the owner (who actually had a blast watching me gear up and take it for a spin) was quite firm in the ‘no drinking and driving’ law.

Jagur: Could it be something of my doing why larger clips don’t go through? I can’t see how, but of course, it’s quite possible

Gee, Sofa, that really seems like something i would do…

Creative identity theft?

The link doesn’t work:( At least for me.

I tried to watch it and it says page not found…

The fact that the thread was started in June might possibly have something to do with it?


Maybe, but I thought it was supposed to work because XWonka posted here.

“Mommy, it wasn’t me, it was the neighbours bad kid.”