Sod's Law...

So here I am in Yeovil for my new job, surrounded by places to muni and a car to get to them… and the garage door lock breaks, so I can’t get at the unis trapped forlornly inside.

Right now it’s beautifully sunny, but until the locksmith gets here this evening I’m just going to sit here rocking back and forth whimpering…

It’s just not fair!



A nightmare come true. They could use that scenario on Fear Factor. Maybe they should rename it as “Not fair factor” though. Good luck in breaking the hostages out of captivity Phil.

I take it the sledge hammer and chainsaw are also locked in the garage?

hey phil just got back from a great ride a the club you missed a good one.sarah miller(editor of the uuu paper thing) and her husband paul can along it was great had my first go on a 26" it was rrrreal the words of jamie oliver “pucker”

There’s a chap outside trying to open the door right now… hopefully I will be reunited soon! Failing that, it’s time to break out the large hammers and go through the wall…

I’ll try to make next week’s… it sounds like fun.