Sod's Law...

24 hours before leaving for BUC, I snap a spoke on the muni… :frowning:

<dashes off to bike shop>


Re: Sod’s Law…

On Thu, 24 Apr 2003, phil wrote:

> 24 hours before leaving for BUC, I snap a spoke on the muni… :frowning:
> <dashes off to bike shop>

Heh… I’ve been riding with a spoke missing for around 4 years
(well… riding is a bit of a misnomer). However, a second one
went on saturday, so I had to get a couple, fit them and true
the wheel toute suite. Found an excellent guide here:

So it’s now good and ready for BUC… where I will find out if
my spoke tensions are correct (ping… ping… snap… ping…



I snapped one the other day doing a sidehop on a trail. I thought it was a fretting-fatigue thing and was dismayed until I saw a freshly-beat-up spot on the rim right in that spot. Apparently as I leaned sideways the spoke pressed against a rock, putting excessive tension into the spoke.

I was worried that I should rebuild the entire wheel, but after that observation, replacing just that spoke was enough.

Argh, no local bike shops have spokes of the right length, and the only one that cuts their own can’t do them before tuesday…

Not only that but one of the pedals on the trials uni lost two pins yesterday, and no-one had any of those either (spare pins or replacement pedals of the right sort).

And it started raining on the way back…



the sky is falling and i want my mommy :stuck_out_tongue:

really though,there isnt a shop around here either that stocks spokes for 24 inch wheels.

i wonder what it would cost to next day a spoke :slight_smile:

Roger will have plenty of stock at BUC so take along your cheque book, no that might not be a good idea for you Phil, just take the right amount of cash :wink:


Can you maybe wrap a stamp round it or something? :slight_smile:

Roger is indeed bringing some down, along with some shiny new pedals. Until then, I am left staring at my disfigured muni, with a seemingly HUUUUUGE gap where no gap should be. It’s awful…


I think there might be a bad vibe goin’ round. My crank threads got stripped last weekend (on my brand new uni!) and it can’t be re-threaded and there are no replacement cranks at the store and my KH seat hasn’t come yet and it’s been raining and I can’t do skinnys very well and I have to much to complain about!

So I’ll soon be riding with miss-matched cranks until the replacement comes from Bedford. (with a discount, I hope)

Oh well, it’ll be a ghetto uni.

Good luck Phil!