Soccer guards?

hey, does anyone out there think that some hard soccer shinguards would work as decent protection? or would they not do much. and by hard, i mean the kind that are ~1/4 inch plastic, not the foam ones.

Re: Soccer guards?

ive always kinda wandered that becuase when i played soccer for a year in like 4th grade i still have the shingaurds… and i think they would make decent pads… so i dotn see why not


well, the reason i ask this is for the sake of saving the money. i’m cheap!
and uh… they have a good pair for sale at the thrift store for six bucks… heh…:smiley:

i used them before i got my sixsixones i would say if you just doing light freestyle there fine, but when you first strap on those sixsixone’s your confidence level goes up a bunch and soccer shin guards just dont have that effect.

As long as you feel more protected, the confidence-boosting effect should be the same.

After playing soccer for 10 years, and my sister playing for 8, we have quite a collection of these shinguards to choose from. Unfortunately they’re in the garage at our house (we’re renting a house until our’s is finished. damn hurricanes) and that’s about 10 miles away. I’m going to wait until I get some metal pinned pedals to get 661s. Until then, my shins are pretty durable :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem with football shinguards is that the only thing that’s protected is the actual shin. I myself have TSG shinguards, and they protect everything, my calve, my ankles, my shins, and parts of my knees. So, light freestyle, fine, heavy duty trials and street, deffo get some TSGs or 661’s

Get these. They are made for BMX riding so you know they are good, they also are quite flexable vs. The hard plastic on soccer shin guards, also these have customizable slide in pads.

I’m also cheap and I use soccer shinpads and they are fine. I ride fairly hard street and trials and couldn’t complain about them. Every once in a while I’ll get hit below the pad but it doesn’t hurt to bad cause there is the like ankle type thing, and i rarely if ever hit the calf, but I will someday and it will likely hurt, oh well. Also they are less bulky, hot, and lighter than 661’s, which just seem overkill to me. You can definitely use them.


These are the best, they protect your entire lower leg, including ankles (Though an occasional crank-gone-crazy will hit you). They’ve saved me quite a couple of times, when I compare my non-shinguard days to now. (Often came home a bloody pulp)

Yeah i used to wear foam hockey pads before i got 661s, of cours they’re better than nothing, mainly for stopping pedal strike on your shin.