Soccer Cokers

The boy’s soccer club ( will be participating in the Pumpkin Fest Parade tomorrow in nearby Sycamore, IL. They’ve asked Ben and Brad (and Dad) to ride their Cokers with the Spectre float. We decorated the Cokers at bit…



Awesome! I like the soccer balls in the middle, what is it made out of? And, so are there 3 cokers in your house?


Re: sweet

The wheel inserts are made of a foam underlayment that originally came with our Pergo flooring. It was the perfect material, light yet sturdier than paper and can be reused. The inserts sit very nicely between the spokes on the axle. I slit one side of the disk up to the middle to get the disk onto the wheel then taped the slit so it wouldn’t flop in the breeze.

Yep, we do have three Cokers in the house. Ben and Brad have theirs then I have my Diet Coker. I’ll ride my Coker but the boys will probably alternate between their Cokers and Brad’s giraffe and Ben’s Monty. Ben will probably do some jumping off the float during the parade and maybe some jumping over me.