SoCal trip in October - Muni anyone?

I am going to be in Laguna Beach with the family. Arriving Wednesday October 13th and heading back home on Sunday the 17th. Hoping to squeeze in a ride one morning while I’m there. Looks like there are some good options at Aliso Woods. Probably bring my 24guni or 29er. Anyone one interested in joining me or have trail suggestions?

Aliso woods is very close and has some nice trails. I am sure there are other rides in the area, but I have not been riding much muni recently. I am interested but I will be working most of the time. There are a number of other riders in the area who may be up for it. Saturday October 16 would be the obvious day–does that work with your plans?


Saturday would most likely work. I need to check with the head scheduler (my wife) to see if there are any conflicts. I am open to suggestions for places to ride.

I walk a lot at Aliso but if you don’t mind waiting on the slow guy I think I can make it on the 16th. Munivision (Jim) is usually up for riding Aliso as well.

get in touch with MuniAddict

PM me. always up for a Muni in OC. Can usually pull together a couple other guys. Come on Terry, you never miss an opportunity to spread the gospel of Muni!!

Sounds like we might be able to get together a decent group. I am open to what ride we do. I would like to do something close to Laguna - seems like lots of good options. Isn’t there a trail named “Rock-It” at Aliso? I’m up for just about anything.

Did a little research. This loop sounds like it could be good for 29er or 24 guni.

We start most rides at a park near Cholla so you don’t waste as much time riding a service road in and out. It makes the Cholla/Rock-it route more like 5 or 6 miles, but there are plenty of optional trails to make a full day of it. IMO you want the 24 unless you are very comfortable with 29 on tec downhill.

5 or 6 sounds better than 11. I just want to do a morning ride. Do you guys ride 24? I will probably bring my 24 (either guni or maybe un-guni).

I plan to bring a 24. I have not been rinding much muni recently, but I am willing to follow you guys around. It should be fun.

FYI, the Long Beach Marathon is October 17, and the bike (and unicycle!) division begins at 6 AM. I think a few people were planning on riding in it. I might give it a try. You will be in the area and could try it if you like. The course is flat, which is a bit of a waste on a unicycle, and it will be dark at the starting time. :frowning: Other than that it sounds like fun.


The marathon sounds fun. I could bring my 36 and ride it… maybe not - not sure how much uni time I can get away with on a short family trip. Don’t want to push my luck.:slight_smile:

If you’re looking for beaches, Thousand Steps beach is my favorite in the area.

…water’s been frickin’ frigid all summer though :roll_eyes: can’t win 'em all.

Looks like a beautiful spot. After living in Florida for a number of years, I have always thought the ocean in CA is to damn cold. It’s nice to look at though. Might do some sea kayaking while we’re there.

Looks like Aliso on saturday morning. We can determine time and meeting place between now and then. It would be great if someone could give me a ride so I could leave the car with my family (not a must). We will be staying at the Pacific Edge hotel in Laguna Beach. Always fun to meet other riders - looking forward to it.

OK, do we have a Muni ride Saturday?

I would suggest meeting in the park near Cholla at 8:30 AM Saturday Oct 16.

Tuscon Uni: PM me. I can probably give you a ride.


PMs sent and waiting to hear back. Saturday afternoon actually works best for me. Possibility of beers on the deck outside of our room (right on the water) at the Pacific Shore afterwords if anyone is interested.

OK, lets meet at the park near Cholla at 2:30 PM Saturday Oct 16. I assume everyone knows where said park is located. I’ve got my KH24 packed and ready to roll. Looking forward to meeting some other riders and exploring some new territory.

I’m there.

Awesome. That makes 3 for sure.