So, you've ridden 1 wheel, eh? What about... NO WHEELS!!!

HOVERCRAFT!!! :smiley: I made this for the 5th grade science fair a few months ago.

No-wheels all the way! Of course I like unicycling much better though… but no-ing (hehe) is pretty fun. And (unsurprisingly) everyone at the science fair was obsessed with it…

I’m the one ON the hovercraft, duh :stuck_out_tongue: And yes, it’s floating, about 3 inches off the ground.



That beats the crud off my fifth grade science project.


That’s cool! Have you taken it out on the water?

Not without a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter!

Jax, Cool Yes.

Tha is awesome!

Are you able to hook it up with a battery?

Where did you get the plans?

Whoa, a hovercraft for a fifth grade science fair… How did you make it? And did you win? Or was it even a contest?

you need this.

or this

That is a really cool project, by the way.

How much time did you spend on it?


It wasn’t contest, but mine was the most popular (I even got in the newspaper). I used the plans from I spent about a week on it. I have to use a plug wire thing… I still ride it around my garage every once in awhile :wink: I used my dad’s old vacuum cleaner for the engine, and my dad only helped me by cutting the wood and pipes. When I presented it and turned it on it makes a loud noise and almost everyone in the fair came over and wanted to ride it… everyone was so amazed but it’s not one of those future hover car tech things, it’s pretty simple… :roll_eyes: I’ve been able to stand on it, jump, let it spin about 180 degrees under me and land :slight_smile: it can hold up to… I’d say it can hold up to about 300 pounds, then it starts going lower. :sunglasses:

What was yours? Did it have to do with the solor system? I bet it did… heheh

That is so cool, Jax.

Re: So, you’ve ridden 1 wheel, eh? What about… NO WHEELS!!!

Extremely cool.

Your weight is off-center in the picture, and you say it will hold 300 pounds. That’s powerful. I bet it stays level, even if you stand near the side. So can you idle on it? One wheel meets no wheel…


I found the plans, for anyone who is interested: