So, you think you know how to ride a unicycle

A while ago there was a thread about the mechanics of unicycling.

I’m not sure if this came up , but if you read it you’ll probably not be any the wiser :wink:

Wow! That just goes to show why I tell adults not to over-analyze when they’re trying to learn to ride. Imagine having all those equations in your head and trying to even chew gum, let alone try to ride.

And mind you, all the work in that paper was done on a very simplified “model” of a unicycle and rider. It shows the usefulness of the points the authors are making, but doesn’t have much to do with actual people trying to ride. When people ride, there are dozens more factors of movement and other variables.

Ride on,

Cool! I could follow it through setting up the Lagrangian and getting the equations of motion. I have no knowledge of Feedback, though. It looks like a great paper. I think it would be fun to take this information and address some of the mechanics discussions that we’ve previously had in the forum.