So, Whos going to Arizona Muni weekend?

Thread explains my question? If the attendance is promising myself and Joe Campbell are lookin into crashin this lil event and prehaps bringing other crashers from cali with us :D. If you dont know what event im talkin about its in the news section.

I didnt see any threads about it and I dont know if its my lack of searching abilities or just not enough hype goin on for a uni event (Which is needed for all uni events!). S0o0o0oo0o0o???..??? WHOS GOIN???

I wish I could go…but I can’t afford the time off or the cost of traveling…


Grace, Beau and I will be there.


Valentines day!?

I may be able to make it.
What are the details? Meeting at a trail head sat or sun?
Sounds fun.

Edit: Found a link

I’ll be there, but I’m currently nursing a broken arm (non-uni-related), so I don’t know if I’ll be riding much.

I really want to go, and will make every effort! :slight_smile: I don’t/won’t/can’t fly and hate driving long distances, but AZ is within my “comfort range”, unlike Moab, which I drove once, (11 hours non-stop! :astonished: ) but never again. I’ll have to look in to trains next. :smiley:

Flights are 500 bucks, so its considerable, but I still don’t know if I could afford it. I think I need to focus on paying off debts first. Moab might be easier to go to this year.

Are you afraid of flying Terry?

No. I’m afraid of crashing! :astonished: However, if the pilot could be the same guy who pulled off that miracle landing on the Hudson, I’d reconsider! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hah, have you ever flown? Or has it always been something you couldn’t bring yoruself to do?

Yep. On commercial airliners to Hawaii (with scary charters connections) and from CA to NY, and many times with my brother in several of his small 2 & 4 seater planes. Never again! I’ll walk instead if I have to haha.:o

Yeah, plenty of opportunities for a water landing between LA and Phoenix… :wink:

That pilot (who is from Danville, CA BTW) and his crew were amazing. Amazing skill, amazing luck (after the amazing bad luck of both engines eating birds), and cool heads kept everyone alive.

I’d love to go to a new MUni Weekend, but this year I have to be disciplined with an expensive trip to NZ coming up. I had to choose between Moab and Phoenix, and this year Moab fits my schedule better…

I’m going to be in Mexico with the fam that weekend.

The irony is that my family lives in Phoenix.

Strange. Transportation fatalities by passenger car outnumber those by US air carriers about 1,000 to 1 (source)

If you were really afraid of crashing, you’d fly instead of drive!

I’m one of the co-organizers/driving-forces for the first AZ muni weekend. Chris Labonte (main driving-force) has been to Moab numerous times and tells me that our trails easily match Moab in terms of overall quality (a bit hard to compare, since the terrain is different). Having been to the past CMW, I can attest that our trails are every bit as good as those. Depending on interest, we plan to do some rides that are considerably more technical (and super-fun) than what was at the last CMW. If the CMW trails were plenty difficult for you, don’t worry because there will be less technical options (but just as awesome). Anyhow, Chris and I are super excited to share our awesome trails with everybody. We’re pretty sure that once the word gets out, the event will grow next year.

Corbin and John, sorry to hear that you can’t make it!
Terry, you will not regret it at all if you come!

I hope to come if I’m back from Australia…might stay a few more weeks instead of flying back tomorrow. Sounds like a blast!

Jamie, we’re not jealous of you. Not at all.

I rode with Mark and Chris in Phoenix back in September, and I’ve been to Moab. The trails in Moab are definitely more scenic, but in terms of just riding I agree that the trails in Phoenix are just as good, maybe better. One of the trails they took me on was practically a path down a big pile of rocks. :sunglasses:

I haven’t been riding MUni lately because my knees were bothering me after taking time off while my nose healed, so I’m not sure yet if my knees will be rehabbed enough to enjoy the trails in Phoenix. So I still may or may not go.

and there will be trials on saturday!!! so bring your 20 inches!

I’ll be in Tucson unfortunately and unable to get to phoenix :frowning:

Upon further investigation this will be too far for me.
Y’all have fun.

I really want to go, and depending on my work schedule, I might only be able to go before the event or sometime after. Either way, I will get there by hook or by crook to ride these awesome trails! :slight_smile: