so where are they? (videos of the better riders)

i havn’t seen anything new from a lot of top riders in a while

including, but not limited to

Kris Holm
Ryan Atkins (mountain biking right?)
Dan Heaton
Zack Baldwin(i think i know this story… dropped out of the “scene”, but still rides.
Shaun Johanneson
and a few others.

Kris injured himself a month ago and is waiting for ACL surgery I believe. Ryan is doing the 2 wheeled thing atm.

I wanna see a new video from shaun, but focusing more on big street/handrails.

And Luke should make a new video to.

Yeah, Kris is out for a while, Ryan is on a bike, Dan is unknown, last and most recent picture I saw of him was him riding a bike and David was on a coker.

As far as I know, Zach is still riding, and is going to CMW, so maybe youll catch some video of him there.

I dont know about Shaun, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is working on something right now, but he usually posts something if he is, or he is busy.

As for me, my ankle is still healing, so its really unstable to ride my KH, mainly because its been about a month now. I know im not on that list, but still. =p

Me too, as much as I appreciate and understand the difficulty of some of the tech tricks he does in his vids, they just bore me.

It’s a shame how most of the well known riders don’t frequent the forums so people can get to know them more :frowning: and learn from them. Or in ryan atkins’ case - how they resort to two wheels (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but they are top level at unicycling).

i wanna see xav!

Why not resort to bicycling? Its not like its “If you uni, you must despise bike by some degree and never ride them.”

Bikes are a great exercise, and cross-training for unicycling. If anything, it will increase his unicycling skills.

I think the well known riders aren’t on here as much because they are out there riding. If they were here as much as a lot of us are, I don’t think they would be ‘well known riders’ right now.

Well that’s exactly why I said

Ill rephrase it. I think that If people have that ability in unicycling, then I don’t see why they should begin cycling, or do something they may not be as good at. But of course, I do not know if he is Pro at mountain biking or whatever, but that’s my point :smiley:

I would also like to see a new video from Kevin McMullen

I noticed that since FLUCK Shaun J. has been rather quiet… I guess it was his first major event and I know he didn’t do as well as expected in the street competition… Did maybe something happen???


I injured my tail bone (bent it actually… apparently you can bend tailbones…) on a handrail and am still trying to get back. Someday, somehow you will see more footage of me, and it will be glorious. Tricks you’ve never dreamed of… hahaha. Just kidding. And just by the way, it’s spelled McMullin.

Kevin McMullin

that sucks. Im looking forward to seeing more videos of you riding, and you are by far my favorite rider.

I need another luke vid.

sorry been really busy at my new school and with sports gotta bulk up for skiing

Oh man, that sucks! Hope you get better soon, and I will be looking forward to seeing that footage.

haha ya same

btw, I am not a well known/very good rider, but I will have my first full video done in about a week

Ryan hasn’t given up unicycling for mountain biking (as far as I know, unless it’s changed)

He just likes to do more then one sport is all.

Haha I bruised my tailbone the other day, it’s a real pain in the ass. Bending one must really be bad.

Ryan is an amazing cyclist, one of the best I’ve seen. There is a lot biking has to offer, especially if you are good. I’m pretty sure he was biking before he started unicycling too…I think.

I too would like to see another unicycle video from him though lol

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P.S. please make another vid:D

Where are all the good riders?

Shaun and Forrest post quite a bit on the forum. Others such as justin and Kevin don’t post as much but are around. Many European riders don’t have a good command of English and therefore don’t post.

A lot of the good unicyclists are also away in college. Many of them are studying Engineering (Shaun and Ryan) which does not leave a lot of free time to post on forums.

Many other good riders have left home and are working. (Zack, Jess, Dan)

A lot of people me included spend time on the forum in order to learn more about unicycling. (I also like dispensing some of the knowledge that I have picked up in the last year and a half and creating interesting disscussions.)
Many of the great unicyclist don’t have to spend time on the forums because they allready have vast knowledge of the sport and or direct access to Kris Holm Yoggi or other sponsored riders and manufacturers.