So where are the deals this yr?

Well last yr had some good deals on K-1’s uni’s and I think there was another great deal for another brand in a different website. The same has happened in 2010, so why don’t we post here those uni deals so we all can take advantage of it instead of find out several months down the road when those deals are gone… has nothing good at this time so have you find any?
Let’s fill this thread with those links for any uni related gear that we come across while browsing and share them.

I see that has started their “12 Days of Christmas Sale” and the 29" Oracle is back on sale marked down $100.

UDC Canada - has Impact on sale, and more deals over the next 12 days.

Anyone know if they plan to change up their deals daily? I saw definite changes from Dec. 1st to Dec. 2nd. but no changes from Dec. 2nd to today (Dec. 3rd). Was last year a 12 day sale on select items or did they continually rotate items in and out of the sale for 12 days?

Their Facebook/Twitter said that they’re doing all of the deals at once, and that it was a bug on the site that caused only the oracle to be on sale Dec 1st

I got free shipping to U.S. plus a discount (they’re listed at the top of the page) buying stuff from chain reaction cycles.

Fooey. I was hoping a KH uni would go on sale this year.