So what's the next step for me?

I can ride off curbs, hop onto curbs, jump mount , and hop with no hands.

What should I try next? I can’t really idle or ride backwards, they really don’t interest me actually. But if it helps with other things, I’ll learn it.

I wanna learn how to hop up/down stairs and all the neato flip/spin tricks.

What do you think is the next step after learning to ride then hopping?

riding backwards

jumping 180, 360 Then you can do a 180 off curb and ride out of it, or 360 off curb.

learnign to idle really helps with overall balance I’m finding out, it’s made me a better rider.

Can you rolling hop? Then start doing sets of stairs, up and down.

Wheel walking. Unispins. Kickup mount. crankflips… The list goes on and on and on and on…

Like anton said, rolling hops would be a good thing to work on, if you can’t do them already.

When I was learning to unispin, I started with jump mounts, then progressed to 180 jump mounts, and finally just went for the unispin. You could focus on that, if that’s what interests you.

Videos are always a great source of ideas and inspiration.

Thank you gentlemen, I’m gonna work on my idling and rolling hops.