So Whatever happened to: XTP #17 & 'world no.2's' KH20?

Well… here they are:

XTP #17:

Small hairline crack starting, just above the K1 logo. (can’t see it as camera isn’t high quality, but it’s there at least…)

and then… here’s Joe Hodges’ KH 2005-v2 frame that he used at Unicon. He likes to call it his ‘World no.2’ frame. Well, here it is in all its glory:

I’m now using the XTP, as my KH04’s got a twisted bit on the bearing holders, so it’s mine until it snaps, then it goes onto Joe’s wall. :wink:

and remember my custom frame ideas? well, this snapped KH is virtually going to be copied into a steel fillet-brazed form, with some modifications and stength improvements here and there to distribute stress better. Iolobikes, as I mentioned in another topic during Summer, are making it for me, and there’s also a nifty re-weld and repair service if I ever come to doing damage to the custom frame. :roll_eyes:

Disclaimer: I’m not saying either of these frames are ‘crap’, I didn’t mention it, so to some of you out there, don’t take it as me making a mockery of these frames. Both are great frames that unfortunately fell into the hands of Joe. So don’t try and burn me with a flamethrower please! :stuck_out_tongue:

XTP is a sexy machine.
THE sexiest, I might even go so far as to say.
And I did.

(I’m also looking forward to Joe Hodges trials video)

Poor frames.

Man, sending a frame to Joe is like sending a cow to a slaughterhouse. The outcome is inevitable.

Haha, I couldn’t have put it better than myself. He just doesn’t give a shit about his unis basically, he just rapes them.

The XTP’s crack spreads SO SLOWLY though, we’re talking weeks and barely a mm longer. Even so, it’s SO thin and and only 1 cm long that it can be saved by drilling small holes at either end of the crack to stop it spreading.

It can work very well if you do it when the crack is still in its early stages. So there’s a tip. :roll_eyes:

Lets see how fast he can go through a 06 torker Dx frame:)

He mounts the uni and the thing falls apart.:stuck_out_tongue:
But realy Joe is a maniac, he go’s BIG.


I woudl liek to know with joe’s standart how long that xtp frame last witht hat crack…

cause its very possible that that frame holds up for quite a while… which would show up everyone saying the XTP frame is rubbish and breaks really easily.

personally i recon epople are just jealous cause they wish they had a sponsor that would give them an xtp frame. I know i am :smiley:

Like Sponge who keeps saying that steel frames are the best and now rides an XTP? :wink:

You’re not understanding the full story are you? :wink:

Basically, the only reason i’m using this is because I messed up my steel KH04, and this is the only frame that I can use for now, as Joe gave it to me to use until I get another steel frame.

what your gonna change that xtp for a steel frame?

Why dont you just use it till it breaks?