So, what uni video?

Ok, so I’m thinking about uni videos, because I don’t have any. So, what should I get?

so far I’m thinking:

Universe 2,
Under No Influence (If I can get it…)
Training wheel not required,

so, what else?

Shamelessly promote your vid here, or something, so that I will buy it.

All three are ridiculously good. So if you can get a copy, get Under No Influence first, then buy TWNR when it comes out later on. Then you can get Universe 2 cause you can buy that enywhere. Oh and somewhere inbetween all of that buy Spaced Out. Its mega dope, and Ryan and Jeff are cool, so…

I hear spaced out is pretty good, but I have yet to order it myself. And I know for a fact that Universe 2 is really good.

As far as I know, you can’t get U.N.I. for another couple of years or so. Ben Turley went on some mission trip, or something, and isn’t producing anymore until he comes back.

Both UNiVERsE movies are totally brilliant, but I heard that Universe I is going to come out on DVD sometime with extra features. So get II now, and wait for I to come out on DVD.

Ben also said that he doesn’t care if we make copies of the DVD. So if anyone has it, they can feel free to copy it and distribute it.

If anyone does have it, please do sol and I would be happy to pay for a copy…

ya me too


TWNR will be available in Feb, and I keep getting happier and happier with what I have so far (you would not believe how much time is spent on editting in order to get just what you want)

This will certainly be one you will want in your collection

If he doesn’t care if someone makes copies of it, do you think he would care if someone uploads it to the internet? That would be the easiest way… Even though it wouldn’t be the best quality…

Are you going to include some exciting lawn work clips?

What? Is this some NYMW joke I do not get??? But do add some humor…

I believe One Wheel Addiction will be out by mid November or maybe late November. Alex Toms ‘tomsey’ on the forums is making the movie. There are six or so Australian riders in it including myself.

I’m looking forward to getting my copy. :slight_smile:

Yesterday I stood on top of our wooden fence for literally about half an hour trying to convince myself to ride along it…I checkened out in the end. But I’m going to try my best to do it and add it to my segment of the movie. It’s 14mm wide, 1.6m high, wobbly, and I’m trying to ride a 5m section of it. Today may be the day, not sure though. Yesterday I did have a sore arm, neck, and hip from a morning muni ride…excuses, excuses! :slight_smile:


yes shamelessly promoting

one wheel addiction

late novemeber.

get it too.

i dont think universe 1 will be coming out on dvd…

i dont think dan heaton thinks its good enough to wanna re-release it.
leave it where it is in history “the first extreme unicycling video”.

think of it as nostalgia.

yeah, I get that feeling too.

I just re-watched it a few weeks ago and kept having this though:
I can do that…hey…I did something like that…

Exept for Dan’s crazy freestyle…

So I don’t think it’s worth to be rereleased on DVD.

Nevertheless it is still an awesome movie.

I still like One Tired Guy. Whitetrax is one of my favorite sections with the downhill snow riding. So far I haven’t seen anyone else do that in a video yet. And I really liked Unizaba. Well, I liked all of it, even if it isn’t uni-porn. It definitely isn’t as “extreme” as some of the other videos out there, but I like the slower-paced, more laid-back style.

And for that matter, I liked Into the Thunder Dragon a bunch. It was one I didn’t mind showing my family. It kept them interested the entire time, and I liked the music better than any of the other videos. I get tired of punk after a while.

So, the list as of now goes (in no particular order)

Universe 2,
Under No Influence,
Training Wheel Not Required,
One Wheel Addiction.

sweet. now I need money, profiles, and some l33t skilz.

Universe 1 and spaced out also belong on that list. U1 is still a great movie, although the riders have gotten better since it was made, they were still about as good if not better than I am now. Spaced out is just a good movie. Dan Heaton gave me a deal on the pair. Talk to him.

i dont know if its been said, but one wheel no limit might be best, because it is one hour and universe 2 is only 30 minutes.

well, i would do universe 1, but seeing as I have no tv or vcr (i do dvds on my computer), that would be kinda hard to watch.

is spaced out on dvd? if so, i will add it to the list.

also one wheel no limit, maybe.